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  • mtdsus mtdsus Oct 8, 2012 10:31 AM Flag

    Amarin's worth is based on: Patented Products with Superior proven performance & Management team.

    I have seen Simavastatin with Lovaza for 200-500mg,but NOT spray coating: Reason: Size of PILLS--for intake.To be effective--More Vascepa pills are required per day than Statin Pills.
    500 mg trigl. patients take one or 2 pills of Lipitor or Crestor,but 4 pills of Vascepa
    Same for 200-500mg trigl.patients.
    Vascepa quantity for effective is too much for one day day intake.
    Spray coating won't work or be effective--unless you take 10mg.and mix it with one pill of Vascepa--but still end up with 4 pills per day.
    By the way--what is happening with 885 patent?
    Also take a look at 13/272520--Non final rejection reasons (lot of pages by US PTO). Your opinion?

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    • MTDSUS
      Hi , I take max dose Crestor --it's not a large pill unlike max dose Lipitor.
      Vascepa is 2 caps in morning and 2 at night ---AZN could probably find a way to have 1 quarter of Crestor in each cap of Vascepa if they really wanted to .
      Not sure it would make much different in practice.
      Most CAD patients also take low dose asprin -- So I just take the Crestor at the same time as the asprin at night.
      I leave the Plusepa ( in lieu of Vascepa ) in the frig and take that with food.

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      • todhale Oct 8, 2012 12:15 PM Flag

        Hi Akanz. You're taking 40 mg of Crestor? Am I right in assuming their 20mg dose is the most prescribed? I know they have 5 and 10 mg doses.
        I had read somewhere that the half-life in plasma was pretty long, that could make it a little tricky to split up the dose.
        btw...the post doc in my lab had done some early work on HMG-CoA Reductase when she was a young PhD student.

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      • Problem will be --in payment by insurance co.--VASCEPA is clear case-considered as Prescription drug with NO generic substitute. There is substitute for Lipitor.
        I get Generic for FREE--I mean Free-- Caremark charges 10$ Co-Pay for 90 days supply. I paid 40$ for PLUSEPA (Vitamin world discontinued product--original price was higher).for 90 days supply.
        Vascepa Co-Pay for 90 days will be 20$.
        So I will be better off with Lipitor Generic and Vascepa(only if I can get it--as my Trigl.have come down).

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