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  • sarathsathkumara sarathsathkumara Oct 7, 2012 9:59 PM Flag


    I am just curious, how do you know what PFE/AMRN is thinking and the exact prices? Do you have ant insights-- you sound like one! Or you are just guessing?

    Why when Lazard is involved it is faster and Goldman is involved it is slow. Lazard has been involved with AMRN for close to 2 years!

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    • Bloomberg quoted Joe Z. saying that if 30,40 or 100$ ,I am all ears. 15$--no way

    • I did not say--Goldman Sachs is slow.GS is very creative-look at Amylin buyout. BMY was sticking with 27-28$ price(from press leakage),GS convinced Astra Zeneca to join in the Joint bid and then got 31$/share that satisfied Amylin.This set of events were reported(leaked every week--another funny but interesting way to push prices higher to close Bid-Ask gap.
      As far as Pfizer-- my conclusion is based on fact that Pfizer sales in Cardiology field are dropping lsharply inspite of their several measures.Also,they learnt in 1996-99 from Warner Lambert that if they wait for the sales performance or Reduce-IT study--they may have to pay far more. Pfizer is marketing anything they can find. Nexium OTC business from 2014--Astra Zeneca gave them rights for 250 mil.$ plus royalties payment to AZN. Pfizer pipeline is empty.
      Merck--is not smart-missed Lipitor in 1996; missed Pharmaccett (Hep.C drug) in 2010 or 2011. Their top management is hesitant and hostage to NOT INVENTED HERE.
      As far as price is concerned--15$ was offered in April-May,2011 (most probably Pfizer).With Anchor trial results plus patents--22$/share is the price low in the range.They know start bid at 22$--and then move it to 28$ for final bid. Normal process.
      GSK--will wait for Sales performance--before they invest3 or 4 bil.$ in Amarin.

      Sentiment: Buy

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