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  • chunny_chun chunny_chun Oct 24, 2012 1:59 PM Flag

    Buyout question

    Disclosure: First time involved in BO situation. What if an offer is made at $25? I assume the stock will climb close to $25. But what if Joe Z rejects? How much will it drop if at all or will $25 be the base assuming that higher offers will come in. Thx!

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    • If offer is 25$--then stock will trade higher for that day and couple of days.
      If 25$ offer is rejected,then Stock will go up to 25$,but how long does it stay above 25$ depends upon bidding co.
      For Amlyin--The price kep fluctuating-up/down-until Ichan stepped in.--then it was up and up.
      For HGSI--the price went up--but never went too far.Premium offered was close to 10% after the original bid.GSK owned part of HGSI already--but HGSI argument was it was very high a few months ago.But GSK did not accept that thesis.
      I think this buyout is similar to Amylin--except Amylin had its own sales force in USA and its sales were over 500 mil.$. It was paid 7 billion$--pretty high premium to Sales.

    • Usually the news come out like "Amrn taken over for $25/share".... game over, that's it.
      Or like "Amrn rejects $25/sh offer".
      That's the same: price goes instantly to $25 (see Hgsi for example).
      For no reason pps goes under $25... for some weeks.

      After that, usually there's speculation... both up and down (bear trap), because most investors are waiting for a better offer.


      However today's pure speculation.
      Don't be fooled by those crooks..... buyout usually happens when nobody thinks/hopes it.
      Don't stay on the sideline... too risky staying on draft.
      But also, don't hold still 100%...... play the same games these crooks marketmakers&hfunds do play!!!!

      Trade! Trade!
      No matter what happens or what's the talk.
      Hold some still.
      But also Trade some!!!
      I made 2000$ 1 week ago and 1000$+ today!

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