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  • ktsven ktsven Nov 5, 2012 10:17 AM Flag

    2000 Dec 25 Calls Bought at 10 cents

    $20000 wager that stock will be above 25.10 on Dec 22. No clear offsetting Sale so a straight play on a BO above 25 by end of December.

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    • Although I'm thrilled because somebody "might know something," it pains me that whomever this person (entity) is will never be investigated - and may very well be trading on inside information. I've been playing the market 30 years and am amazed at how many times there are plays like this, right before a big move.

      At least AMRN is in BO talks, so there's an air of plausibility. However, how many times do you see a move like this (usually a Short option position) when there is no reason to suspect anything wrong and WHAM, some negative announcement comes out of the blue.

      The game is rigged and it's pathetic. The best you can do is do your own DD and get in/out when you have a decent profit. Also, try to follow what the "rigged" people and MM's are doing.

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      • I agree, I'm sure it happens but also 20K to a hedge fund that equals a pittance and if a $30 BO, which is plausible, it's 1 million in return. Good risk/reward. Sherlock Holmes would read the info and say BO is most likely, evidence is pretty heavy toward a BO, only concern is pricing, so hard to say that's inside info or just reading tea leaves and taking a calculated risk.

        But if someone knows something more, with so much market volume, really hard to pin down which trades are related to inside knowledge though, I agree, likely happens at least occasionally, especially in the options market.

    • looks like someone knows something about to happen

      exciting times being a ARMN share holder

      i feel great pitty on the shorts, their best efforts have yielded nothing to slow down this blockbuster

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    • So WHAT you stupid ret'rd? 20k is NOTHING idi*t.

      AMRN insiders have sold shares for almost HALF A BILLION in two years!!

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