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  • ams4900 ams4900 Nov 19, 2012 7:26 PM Flag

    My "Rants" for the day

    I sold apple 3 days ago (200) as I was catching knives and not a bottom and bought a little AMRN ....go figure.. I could've sold today instead and then bought but that is that.

    Now they are doing to AMRN what CNBC has been doing to Apple...start doubt....reset valuation down call a buy while the Whales (institutions) get out and will be back with the same amount of shares JUST prior to 13F statements

    The guys that talk on video for Motley Fool. First of all, just print your opinions as the two of you need to learn how to look on camera without looking like the cartoon...."yeah yeah yeah Spike.... you tells them"
    Dear PHD...aka Spike....please do better DD when saying that Teva has no drugs in the cardiovascular arena. Please click on Teva website (if you do have internet) and click on API's pretty sure some of the drugs are related to the cardio issues....just sayin

    This article from Forbes today was absolutely a mix of misinfo to justify their opinion and not based on EPA but the fishoil (snakeoil) overcounter market. And that info was based on eating fish as it was better then over the counter gels. That's about diet!.... NOT EPA and it's provin use in lowering tri/LDL markers...
    Lovanza has been to expensive and not effective enough that is why it's down as well as they suffered from bad press from fish oil "studies" Vasepa was clearly well received at the last Healthcare Conference.

    Whales are getting out of amrn to make years end profits but will be back before 13F is updated so they can say "who me?" we're long AMRN!
    It really isn't illegal but manipulive....that is why I keep and eye on retracement and sell a little once in a while. You can't say I am a long or short just a smart long.

    It is the Whales sea and if your a retail trader like me you need to know that we are the little birds cleaning the whales baleen (teeth) while they sit an sun. If you can handle the dive without selling you are learning If you fly off for a bit and jump to another whale your disciplined. If you sell and don't do anything Wall street thanks you

    Joe had a bad deal with the NCE stall from a bartering perspective. He thought the NCE " will throw in a 5 year Warrantee" would be there to hold to highside of valuation...but he has to wait now.

    But he does have the upper hand if "going it alone" starts to happen. This is cost from share holders point of view BUT it also is value added to the books if sales and inventory are produced. Price to sell AMRN starts going higher and if Joe Z can hold down costs to market it is of my opinion we win both ways.
    I think we are at a price that will not deep dive on a longer length to market. and will buy lower to keep avg at the PPS with heavier purchases.

    Oh another thing
    Ya need to hold your breath sometimes as a bird!

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    • there are only two times you should care about the price of a stock............

      here is some food for thought. on average, for the last umpteen years, 5% of the trading days (about 13-15 days) make up the total return for that year.

      as a consumer, you don't care about fish oil or EPA or statins or TG's. you care about how many milligrams of omega -3 is in the pill you take. and you care that you ingest 1000 mg a day.

    • That is a great post...and I am a "learning" retail trader. Bought more today and am just waiting for the payoff. I think it is just a matter of time before they are swept up even if GIA short-term. Thanks for affirming my hopes for the AMRN future.

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