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  • williams4076 williams4076 Nov 29, 2012 7:40 AM Flag

    AZN job search results

    AZN currently has 92 open positions for Cardiovascular sales across the nation. Many of them posted 11-28.

    A few months ago they had over 145 postings for CV sales. They're aggressively building up a large sales force.

    Building up for Crestor, that been out for years...

    Building up for Brilinta....2011 sales of $21 million...that doesn't need hundreds of new sales positions.

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    • Let's say that yes in fact there is a boiler room discussion ongoing that would lead to AZN needing a saleforce...BO or partnership. They are obviously transmitting a request for resumes...obviously they are not going to commit to hiring a single person without an agreement.
      Partnership being more likely...what does that do for AMRN share price in the short term...positive or TANK because no BUY OUT?
      I would assume that with ambiguity out of the way we would see a nice pop but not anything near what would be expected if a BO is announced. Then there will be those upset with a partnership vice a buyout who will unload shares to move on to their next speculation.
      BO is obviously best for longs in the short run.
      I'm not exactly sure how awesome a partnership agreement will be in the short term.
      Although I see some short term positives...I think we would expect to be forced into a much longer term with partnership to reap the $$ benefit of Vasepa. My bet...Partnership with AZN gets announced. Stock price goes crazy for a while both up and down and settles in the $15-$17 range while trading range and volume shrinks until the numbers play out in the next 3-5 quarters.

    • I appreciate the insight and comments from several on this board. Williams, you are one of them. This was originally exposed by voltnfan earlier this morning.

      I think this speaks volumes in what is transpiring and somewhat shocked that we are still sitting at just below 12 bucks.

      Several have mentioned an alliance with AZN as far as partnership. I tend to still think a BO is on the table and the most probable scenario. Notice NCE announced at or around Dec 14th this month and the comments in the PR that a decision will be made by the first half of next month. Hmmm..

      I agree that long term, partnership is more lucrative for the long term investor but I would gladly take a BO around 25-28 by EOY. Just my thoughts.

      Hopefully I can send some beneficial info everyone's way next week.

      Very low risk IMO if you are willing to hold for 3-4 months and decent hedge against Fiscal Cliff concerns.

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    • 2 + 2 = 4 (thus AZN hiring a ton of sales reps = vascepa launch)

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    • I just checked AZN's pipeline and there is nothing coming down the pike until 2015 as far as CV drugs are concerned. Very interesting.

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    • All CV sales job postings were on 11/28/12, even fishier.

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    • Great find. Just went to AZN's website. With the number of CV sales reps they are hiring, it looks like they are getting ready to launch a new product, and it's not Crestor as you pointed out.

      Hmmmm. Seems kind of fishy (in a good way) to me, no pun intended.

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    • Oh, brother.... How many laws would this break if AZN had a deal that nobody else knew about...

      • 1 Reply to dndn_man
      • Ya, I doubt any secret deals were sealed.
        But it doesn't mean companies can't act on their own beliefs stemming from strategic discussions.

        I guess we will see if AZN was acting on anticipation of acquiring Vascepa, or if they are expanding in the area with some other new product.

        I expect that when a buyout deal is announced, there will be at least one higher offer coming in over the top to outbid the first announced deal.

        Either way it looks like they anticipate a new wave of sales for themeselves.

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