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  • grgsvll grgsvll Dec 1, 2012 1:00 AM Flag

    stumbled across this by accident...let me ask you guys something

    when pulling up the long term graph, going back to 1993, when the stock pre-split was at almost $1,400 bucks per share...and of course they did 2 - 1:10 Reverse splits, the last one in 2008... never paid a dividend and it looks like they have no revenues at all....why on earth has it had such a great run as of late? Never seen anything like it.

    Is it the value of the new fda approved omega-3 drug? Is it worth that much. Just wondering.

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    • Actually the the 15 year chart of AMRN is interesting. I wonder what the name of the company that had the same symbol was back then

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      • thanks for the input...that was almost helpful. bunch of smart alecs out there I see. Never invested in biotech before. so basically this has been a company developing this omega 3 drug that fda recently approved and they plan on selling soon or will get bought out by a company who will sell it soon. based on number of shares and price, amazing how valuble people think an omega 3 supplement can be. I am. Of course I don't take supplements as they have not been proven to actually work, and I live Northwest of seattle and catch and eat an unlimited amount of salmon.

        so will be a learning experience for me as I sit on the sidelines and watch this one. best of luck to you longs out there. Hope there is a buyout and you make lots of money....and then buy some salmon with it.

    • Whoa. . .what are you smoking? Can I get some? I get a little high drinking too much beer but you're in orbit. If you ever come down maybe you can explain what the he// you're talking about!!! 8)

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    • i did not know that asylum patients had access to the internet

    • It is CRAZY. Stock up. Stock down. Have you heard of such craziness?

      Stock up as fda approval for new product progresses. Stock goes higher after fda approval. I have never seen anything like it either. What is this world coming to? Could a company with a brand new very valuable product be worth much? If you can sell this new product for billions of dollars annually, for a couple of decades, does that mean anything? what if the fda approves additional indications with populations vastly larger than current targeted popuation? What is billions x "a lot more" x twenty years?Is that more money or less money? Would other companies be interested in a product that could generate so much money? I can't believe it's not butter. This stock stuff with its ups and downs is crazy. Is this normal? Just wondering?

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      • Yes this is normal for this Market especially. It's happening with most stocks right now especially Biotech. The fact is no one is Long even the Longs.... that's the issue. Investors want to make a buck and get out and then get right back in if it makes sense. Why? Because of all the concerns about the idiots in Washington, the European mess, current borderline Recession (that is slowly getting better, but on very shaky ground and unfortunately the idiots - yes same as I mentioned earlier - are too stupid to realize it... ). SO .. long story short the roller coaster is going to continue for this and other stocks for some time to come I think. On good news it goes up, but then people take profits and it goes down (not to mention the shorties, hedgies, etc. who are always nipping at the stock price that adds to the volatility ... a lot).... Then because it is Amarin and the future is very bright investors buy right back in. Then the cycle continues. Those who are smart take advantage of this. Unfortunately most aren't or most didn't realize it until only recently. Imagine knowing this was going to happen a year and a half ago... sell at $19 then buy and sell off and on from $19 to $6 and back to almost $16... down to $10.5 .. back to where we are now.... "and" soon to go higher (you can bet on it... well this is all betting anyway right?).... I wonder if in fact a few millionaires were created out there. I expect so. I still buy and sell, but only small amounts because the risk factor is too great now with so much going on.... OH YEAH... I left out that fact. Now we are very close to the final decision date (NCE, Buyout, Anchor, GIA or not etc.)... this will trump almost anything even the idiots in Washington. OK - that's my opinion on the reason for the fluctuations... if you don't believe me look up most stocks in Biotech that are in similar situations... the only ones outside this cycle are the ones that have low cash and the risk of public offerings... these are the ones that scare the pants of me... got burned 3 out of 4 times this year and those (and still hold a couple, but dumped the ones that will take a long time to recover and bought more Amarin).


        Have a nice weekend and good luck to all next week (except Bashers of course... sorry guys .. you irritate me because you lie and I can't stomach liars even if it's all part of the game).

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      • "i can't believe it's not butter" ....LMAO

    • Never seen anything like it? Your seriously joking, right? Do some research 101 or just read the board!

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