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  • vs1234gs vs1234gs Dec 3, 2012 11:08 PM Flag

    AMRN hiring delay + AZN job listing and then removal = ?

    AMRN keep delay hiring. first they said they look to hire around Oct. Then they delay to nov end and then december mid. Unless they have solid offers, it would start hiring.

    Remember hiring does not mean they can't sign BO deal or marketing deal. On other hand not having enough people to launch drug hurt really badly. Amrn CEO is smart and understand this.

    Since it keep delaying hiring, that mean deal is in bag. Regardless we have NCE or not. If AMRN start hiring people, it send wrong signal to partner who looking to either BO or looking for marketing right.

    NCE does matter but given AZN posting job, it's clear, Pharma don't want delay market launch and looking to find middle ground (like offering $28 which AMRN will accept since NCE is unknown). With NCE it ready to pay $35. AZN may be paying $5 more if no NCE in order to secure bid.

    AZN is more desperate to add rep and AMRN not. Is'nt that look fishy specially when AZN already have thousands of rep on payroll and until recently laying off people.

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