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  • golongin2008 golongin2008 Dec 7, 2012 10:01 AM Flag

    The Real Jessee Livermore Blew His Brains Out...

    Back in the 1940's after making, and then losing, hundreds of millions of dollars being
    long and short the stock market. If the current JL were half the man of the real one, he
    might fall on his sword as well thereby admitting what an idiot fool egotist he really is.

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    • Get your facts straight before you make things up. JL always posted that he didn't think there would be a buyout at least not until after the Launch. Most disagreed with him (including me), but now he looks even more brilliant than he did before. He also predicted much higher share prices as a result going forward (but not near term). Predicted a drop on the news (again right)....

      Do your homework before you make stuff up.

      Question - Detail the reason why anyone who is Long on Amarin should blow his brains out? Is the product any different today than yesterday? Are there less Patents? NCE situation changed? Managements Cash infusion method was brilliant and really showed a concern for Investors.

      Enjoy your day (or days) and be happy, but don't embarrass yourself in the process.

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      • Jesse is not brilliant here---he didn;t know NCE would be delayed for months during last year. he is right like AF is often right, by picking the most obvious path upfront---assuming!. He didn;t know it would fall out this way.

        He may be eating his words sooner than he thinks because AMRN will not likely get bought out before launch based on these new developments, but it could be very soon after launch--it depends! Jesse needs to listen to his CEO because its clear he wants this bought out and its clear he is launching because he has to---and that can change in a heartbeat (no pun intended)! if you did not hear the unhappiness in hthis CEO voice yesterday night ya weren;t listening very well! He obviously got a monkey wrench thrown into his primary plans!

        I can guess that its likely to rain after watching the weather channel or checking the radar on the internetl!! What jesse has been predicting is what he wants and not could happen!



      • Here is the reason , why the decision to hire sales reps looks dump and deceiving to investors.

        1. After approval , it took almost 9 months for marketing to start and 1 year to earn money.
        2. Joe new all along that NCE was a tough fight and he did not hint it at 5 months down the line after approval , when investors ask him to choose a path.
        3. Quiet period.. Was it intended for insiders to sell and was it to fraud investors. He was pretending that things were being finalized from buyout perspective.
        4. He skipped a financial conference, the share price was much healthier back then to raise 100 M.
        5. Did not make any offers public. We don't know, how much was BP actually paying for vascepa.
        6. He has turned a bio-tech into a pharma company with only 1 product. Within 2 years, the price of AMRN will be trailing little over $11.

        This is cheating and ripping of investors one-on-one.

      • Oh come on man get real here...

        No one but the day pumping longs really thought any buyout would take place before the product launch. For that matter before the NCE decision either.

        He "predicted a drop in share price" on a going it alone announcement? Wow, now THAT was a tough call. Let me make one..."I predict the share price will rise if we get NCE". Ok...I'm now on record with a potential great call...mark it! LOL

        Yes...he thinks going it alone is a great move. Wonder what the company would say today to an all cash $18 BP offer...." Ugh...No thanks. We want to go it alone and borrow hundreds of millions of dollars and crap shoot our entire net worth and the future of this company so we can have a $50 stock in ten years"... Are you kidding me? Those guys were selling stock at $13=$14.They would give their right arms right now for $18 cash on the table and so would 99% of the longs here who have any sense. JL would most likely be the first in line raising his hand!

        You actually believe this garbage he has been spewing out here?. You and the other blind followers of this pied piper of the AMRN Board. Stand on your own feet and make your own decisions . I'm holding but not because of what anyone has said or says on this board. Everyone is out for themselves here. Remember that and you should do fine on your own.

      • I think it also shows that the finance company/bank/whomever have great confidence in the drug.

      • Most of the short bashers are just internet trolls and paper traders out for a laugh. The adults in the room are in this for the long haul. My iggy button is getting a workout.

      • todhale Dec 7, 2012 10:48 AM Flag

        well said.

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