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  • pjjmccoy pjjmccoy Dec 10, 2012 8:31 AM Flag

    Amarin may be quit about annoucements if they have a nondisclosure agreement with a buyer.

    A possiblility, what do you think?

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    • Usually-- Non disclosure agreement is signed by a BUYING co. Amarin does not sign such agreement.
      However if there are bids by someone on telephone-- CEO's usually keep quiet.
      If you read SEC filings for Amylin in July7th,2012--They disclose that BMY CEO offered 22$/share-- and Bloomberg News picked up this bid a month later--when they printed a story about 22$ bid by BMY for Amylin. WHO leaked it remains a mystery? CEO of Amylin did not disclose.
      Sometimes-- information leaks to media by some one--but it takes sometime--a few days to a few weeks.
      At some point--Amarin has to announce-LAUNCH outside USA.
      Joe Z. said in July that they are seeking a partner

    • They will announce Marketing partners outside USA.

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    • If they had any kind of serious offer on the table there is no way they would have announced the GIA news. From the perspective of those of us hoping for a buyout the GIA is the worst possible news that we could have gotten. There are obviously no serious offers at this point in spite of what JoeZ tried to imply. I still think he will be legally challenged on his definition of "in discussions" actually means other than a sales to major pharma companies from JoeZ all of which resulted in little or no interest in a BO or partnership. I escpect that legal challenge will come after the decision on NCE this week. He has "implied" positive outcomes with he statements and will surely be legally challenged by the law frims that specialize in such misleading and potentially fradulent claims by a CEO. I am very long this stock but the GIA announcement paints a far different picture of the status of any "discussions" which JoeZ "implied" were hinged on the NCE outcome.

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