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  • xtradersdotnet xtradersdotnet Dec 14, 2012 5:55 PM Flag

    Remember NCE status can come at any time...

    FYI. Nce status does not wait for OB udpate, thats only when the book is updated. NCE status can be determined at any time. If AMRN goes get notice of a Y or N then they must communicate it in a PR just becuse this did not happen to be updated in the OB all that means is that as of 2:15 EST no determination has been made.

    It has been said all along that and its more and more people are saying that FDA will give AMRN the notice before OB updates, Yes it sucks that it did not happen today but this does not mean by any means that it wont happen before Jan OB update.

    But it now gets even more intresting as now the pressure is really on does AMRN go GIA for sure, or are they going to sell for a bit less with NCE unknown, will BP step up and just give them what they want as they too dont want to wait any longer as the longer they wait and the stronger AMRN gets the more $$ its going to cost them.

    whats annoyoing everyone is with all the Patents and new ones coming online NCE is really not an issue, so BP gets 2 less years big deal by then you have already have the market in your palms and have made 3 years of profits. but its clear that as of today NCE is still the big hold up, but now it may not be as no matter who makes the next move the next 2-4 weeks are going to be game changers with AMRN..

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