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  • solo12831 solo12831 Dec 31, 2012 4:09 PM Flag

    Just spoke with the SEC about Williams.

    They said, "Huh, who the f... is that and why the heck do you think we care?" I said, "but, there are people saying he is a major threat to investors for sharing information." They said, "sir, what the hell are you talking about. Is this a joke?" I said, "b...b...b...but there are a bunch of people on a yahoo message board with 3 part names separated by underscores who are all saying we should report him." That's when they got interested. They asked me for more detail on these people with the 3 part aliases. I provided them with the list of aliases involved. They told me to "thank Williams for his service to the investment community" and told me to encourage others to file SEC reports on the people who are threatening him.

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    • Solo this Williams dude is bad, I've lived with him for years. Sometimes he even uses my toothbrush. He actually once slammed my thumb with a apology or anything... Just cussed me out for putting my thumb there. Really a jerk to hangout of those people that expects you to read his mind.

      I've put him on ignore so I don't have to read his #$%$.


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    • So how many board names will evaporate when they stomp out Williams4076?

      We got Williams4076 and solo2831 for certain......

      The thing I think is funny is that Williams4076 doesn't realize how absurd it is to think that strangers would come out in force and support a board spammer like him {even if he is pumping}. Everybody hates people like Williams4076 and all the garbage he fills this board with.

      God it will be awesome to see how many board names it clears out of here.

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      • LOL..who exactly is going to "stomp out Williams"??? Do you really ..I mean REALLY think someone at the SEC would give a #$%$ what's happening on a yahoo message board. AND, let's just pretend they do care about this message board. Do you REALLY think they would see Williams as a threat? LMAO!!! Thank you for the laughs...seriously. I rarely laugh this hard. I'm not Williams but you're starting to make him out to be a legend that we can all become. He's like William Wallace. I'm William Wallace.

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