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  • alabamatigers11u alabamatigers11u Jan 14, 2013 2:09 PM Flag

    since there's no NCE runup this time, maybe we get NCE

    in any case, AMRN is an amazing buy at this low level imo

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    • I'm just venting....totally sick of this neverending plunge. And more to come if another delay or a no which appears far more likely than a yes at this point.

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      • I just hope that all of this is some insidious ploy to drive the price of the stock down so we'll all accept a lower immediate buyout. For me, I'd take $12 at this juncture and say hasta la vista and good luck to you long term believers.

        All I know is since FDA approval we're off almost 50%...No NCE...No partners...(for Anchor, or otherwise). No buyout. Sales not expected to launch "robustly". Label expanison absent costly new trials in doubt....Needs to raise substantial more capital longer term to fund sales, and trials , if no partner.

        Done with this basically. Too many stocks out there to buy. Please don't say "why not sell now and get out ?" Too stubborn. $12 should be doable even for these idiots.

      • i fully believe that long term AMRN will do just fine, it may not be until some sales numbers come in, but even that is not too far away now. I'm down too, but not worried about long term. If anything, I would buy more here, not sell. But I'm staying diversified and not putting anymore here, just ride what i have.

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    • there was no runup on last months nce decision either

    • Ive been hearing it is an amazing buy at $15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, and now $8. I suppose it will be an even more remarkable buy at $7 and then $6. And then we can call it a screaming buy at $5. Arent we lucky at these continued buying opportunities!

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      • actually it's pretty shocking that it got this low, but fact remains, they have an approved FDA drug with 1bil sales potential and lots more if next trial succeeds, which we should know about in a matter of months, also sales start soon and maybe the "NCE" surprise. Much like ARNA, we should be right at the start of abn uptrend even without NCE. ARNA has started it's breakout today.

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