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  • yellow.bluff yellow.bluff Jan 29, 2013 10:56 PM Flag

    Lovaza web site still down! Can it still be a coincidence 6 days later?

    Lovaza web site has been down since Vascepa launched. Call it coincidence yes - that day or for a day or so more, but basically we are almost at a week now and the site is still down. GSK is a huge pharma company and Lovaza is a money machine for them. God knows how big their combined marketing and IT budgets are. No other reasonable conclusion than that this is no longer a coincidence that this website is still down.

    Conspiracy theorists will state that GSK can no longer ethically advertise L on grounds that it could cause a heart attack due to elevated LDL now that it is an inferior product to Vascepa. So, if you are GSK you just keep the website down, other than the label, which is still up. You quit all marketing and raise price, milk it with minimal liability as its candle burns out...

    What about docs - another poster appropriately brought up the idea that docs may ethically have to tell patients that due to elevating LDL Lovaza could cause a heart attack versus brand new drug Vascepa that doesnt. Do the docs want to open themselves up to liability?

    Would be interested in some opinion on this train of thought - both on the Lovaza website and docs...

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    • 1987kevin Jan 30, 2013 12:55 AM Flag

      I can browse the website with no problem,

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    • Yellow
      In my experience MD's are not going to tell patients that Lovaza " could cause a heart attack "..your words .....because of risk of LDL increase.
      MD's review all your risk factors and will not prescribe if they feel the risk / reward does not greatly favor reward for the patient.........first do no harm.
      To my knowledge ...Lovaza is usually prescribed with a statin .....Lovaza to lower TG's and the statin to reduce LDL cholesterol .....Vascepa works better .....that's about it

    • How about GSK is almost done preparing to make a buyout offer for Amarin? That can explain the reason why the Lovaza site has been done for such a long time! GSK is possible working on the Lovaza site to have all Lovaza users switch over to Vascepa?

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