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  • mtdsus mtdsus Feb 1, 2013 11:08 AM Flag

    It is inflammation--that causes Heart Attacks

    A recent article in Journal of Atherosclerosis and Thrombosis-Vol.18,#2 -2011,18.99-107 by Hiroshigo,Itakura et.el.--Plasama Fatty acid composition and Coronary Artery Disease showed that Inflammation is what causes CAD and reduced Coronary events for those using 1800mg./day of Epadel-98% EPA in JELIS study. Starting AA/EPA was 1.6 which was reduced to 0.8 for those taking EPA in 1.8gram/day of EPA. Note: In Japan--starting point was 1.6 which is not too much of inflammation according to Dr.Sears of Zone Diet.
    In USA-- Dr.Sears believes that AA/EPA is much higher. So you may need more than 4 gram/day of EPA to reduce AA/EPA below 3.00.
    AA/EPA is an early warning indicator of inflammation. C-RP which measures inflammation follows years later high AA/EPA.
    Dr.Sears believes that Reduce-IT study should have used 6 gram/day of EPA or Vascepa to get top results in Reducing Coronary events.
    Japanese eat lot of fish(250mg./day of EPA) and their diet is much better-thus AA/EPA ratio was 1.6 in JELIS study.
    Higher amounts of EPA consumption do not have bad side effects according to Dr.Sears-Best Selling author of Zone-Diet.
    I think Dr.Sears,Ph.d. is a competent researcher.
    FYI-Vascepa lowers C-RP by 22% at 4 gram/day.

    FYI-Crestor did Jupiter trials for patients with C-RP of avg.4.5 and they only enrolled patients with C-RP greater than 2.0.
    C-RP over 3.00 is a good indicator of likely Heart attack-Exception: Virus/infection can affect inflammation. So C-RP test should be repeated after Virus or infection is gone to get true reading of C-RP.
    Lovaza in 4 gram/day does not reduce inflammation as 4 gram/day means very low amounts of EPA.
    Same reasoning for Fish Oil--you will have to take 20-30 pills/day to come close to 4 gram/day of EPA.
    We know LOVAZA in 4 gram/day raises LDL by 49%--another danger indicator.
    If you see CRESTOR ad in the evening news--you will see the ad making claim that Crestor is better than Lipitor-- It is true for people with HIGH C-rp of 4.5

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    • mtdsus....

      Great post...Fantastic to see that Dr. Sears knows the Vascepa story and this bodes wonderful things for AMRN...Sears is a man with face...A well known and highly respected in the field of nutrition whose best selling books have brought the issues Vascepa addresses into the mainstream..

      Guess his recomendation that 6gm/day of EPA is optimal to correct the Omega6/EPA (AA/EPA) dietary ratio answers Akanz question about whether 4gm is the top dose..

      This post puts some transparentcy on the JUPTER study. In JUPTER they "cherry picked" patients for high resting inflammatory markers (read hi inflammation) so that the statin lowering effect on the LDL brought the inflammation down which resulted in better outcomes...None of the other "statin outcomes" studies pick their cohort group so wisely...To me this just makes the case against high resting inflammation levels even stronger and gives even more credibility to Vascepa...

      Thnx...": ) JL

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      • It shows that Astra Zeneca wanted a leg up on Lipitor studies.
        They knew that people with CAD and previous heart attacks have high C-RP.They knew that they were getting Lipitor etc. and therefore their Lipid profiles are normal.
        To be able to up Lipitor--they wanted an indicator--like C-RP.
        Managing C-RP is a challenge-once it is high.
        As we know now--Crestor reduced C-Rp by 37%---giving doctors a medicine to reduce C-rp.
        By the way,Crestor lowered LDL also--but that was not their goal.
        They rejected over 11000 out of 26000 who had C-rp less than 2.0.

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