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  • alternatepatel alternatepatel Feb 5, 2013 8:31 AM Flag

    why not disclose the name of Statin in AMR102?

    why Amarin isn't disclosing the statin that goes into AMR102?
    To me, it seems like one BP has put some conditions before they can acquire Amarin...
    1. Generate some prescription numbers before we acquire you
    2. run a small trial (AMR102) combining your Vascepa with Our Statin
    3. something more.....

    It seems both parties have agreed upon the acquisition price , the acquirer wants the above conditions to be fulfilled so the acquisition looks less risky and more sound to the shareholders of the acquirer.

    Your thoughts?

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    • The combo drug patent application is for atorvastatin (Lipitor)

      So its probably that

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • It's generally known the statin is Lipittor. Pfizer also laid off a number of reps around Christmas and it's speculated many of these were hired indirectly by AMRN. There's also been news published that the integration and model used for the sales force mirrors PFE. In addition, it's speculated that PFE is assisting AMRN behind-the-scenes in the sNDA application. All these points can be researched and validated. If all the ducks line up, including blow away numbers for AMR102, then I think Joe may get his 30PPS that he wants. Shorts are winning the current battle but longs will ultimately win the war. See everyone at 25-30.

      • 2 Replies to dendreonpro
      • hi dendreonpro
        i m long AMRN
        but dont agree with you
        i will give you reasons why its not Lipitor and Pfizer

        1. Atorvastatin is off patent now, plenty of generic versions are out there, so physicians can prescribe (and would prefer due to lower cost) Vascepa + generic atorvastatin instead of AMR102 or Vascepa+Lipitor

        2. Atorvastatin pharmacokinetics already have been studied with Vascepa, why repeat the study?

        go through Vascepa's prescribing information
        ''Atorvastatin: In a drug-drug interaction study of 26 healthy adult subjects, VASCEPA 4
        g/day at steady-state did not significantly change the steady-state AUCτ or Cmax of atorvastatin,
        2-hydroxyatorvastatin, or 4-hydroxyatorvastatin when co-administered with atorvastatin
        80 mg/day to steady-state.''

      • They did say Leading Statin.
        Lipitor and Crestor are leading Statins.

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