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  • harveyspecter357 harveyspecter357 Mar 1, 2013 9:23 AM Flag

    Listen ppl.. Many don't know who I am, but there are few who are familair, HOWEVER..

    When I do take the time out to post on the few occasions I do, I post to help those out with FACTUAL info on the Company.. No one says you need to take my advice. I don't care who does and who doesn't, but it would be wise if you spent more time FOCUSING on the FACTS and the helpful info I post, rather then spending time trying to assume Who I am & Why I am posting....
    Bottom line is I post bc "message boards and twitter etc" are set up for investors both professional and non-professional to "SHARE QUALITY INFORMATION & FACTS".. That is what these boards are for, NOT for idiots to post B.S. and lies and misleading #$%$ all day 25 times a day...
    I don't get how some want to bash and ridicule me for giving the PROPER info to those that want it..
    I repeat its for "THOSE THAT WANT IT".. If you don't want my advice thats fine, I won't loose sleep, I promise.
    However, This is the last time I will waste my time entertaining basher and/or speculators bc they spend more time wondering who I am then "the facts behind this company"..
    I am very busy during the day which is why my posts are "rare" but, if u wanna be skeptical of me and then believe the bashers and pumpers that post 25 times a day EVERYDAY, go right ahead.
    I can tell you that I have given a ton of valuable info over the last 2 days, hope it helped, and it will be a while b4 i update again. If you don't know about AMRN's potential by now, u never will.
    Good LUCK!!

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    • Harvey...You're simply a big bag of wind. Your post stated no facts that have not been discussed here for months on end at least 10,000 times. Your big point was that Anchor should expand the Vascepa market tenfold because the population it can target is tenfold times larger than the current approved market.
      Besides stating the obvious, the logic and math behind your big tout is friggin faulty. If we can't sell to the
      500 tg market you make a leap of faith that we can sell the same product in boatloads to those who really
      need it less...A lot less.

      If that somehow makes sense to you and others here so be it I guess. I'm just posting this to let you know
      at least one person here isn't biting. If you can tell us all here how we can spend "potential" I'll do a nanosecond reversal and Allah to you at anytime! Now go back to managing your $12 hedge fund or whatever you say you do that I'm sure doesn't exist outside your immediate family! LOL!

      • 1 Reply to golongin2008
      • U and ur little crew that post all day long everyday prove my point exactly. Thank u for making my job easy.. Funny how NONE of YOU, YES NONE OF YOU were anywhere to be found when AMRN traded from $2 - $19 then pulled back to $7 on fake speculation about patents... And then what happened? OH YEAH thats right, AMRN got 9 patents over 5 months and stock went back to $16... HAHA.. You are the biggest clown ever... Now u post when AMRN's stock is down with NOTHING to back it up, YES NOTHING, but when stocks on it's way higher which will be FACT soon enough you will run away to some other board to cry wolf.. LOLOL Thanks for the laugh, but u couldn't shine my shoes on you best 10 days combined..

    • Hey you wasted my time, if you have some info post here don't waste our time.

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