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  • paul_gathua paul_gathua Mar 1, 2013 10:26 AM Flag

    amrn bulls are more like the blind leading the blind

    I told you to sell @ $14.40 a few mths back but you chose to ride this pos to the bottom. The worst is yet to come itis still @ $1.2 billion market cap right now. 100 billion @ 14% apr was because WS wasn't willing to buy a share offering not because Joe didn't want to dilute shareholder value..(this was an even worse dilution by the way).

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • This stock you either short now or go long knowing that the run up may be months off. However, a strong sell sentiment now is ludicrous. The share price is pretty much at or new rock bottom so you are selling because???? I can't justify selling, but I have reduced my holding significantly ... will buy on dips though.. not sure about today since it could go to $7 yet or maybe even slightly lower (like it did last year)... again any news could blow this stock out of the water.....Bottom line is the drug is a world beater with fantastic potential.. timing is now the only obstacle.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • got so screwed owning this P O S its sick. Remember ceo promising exciting times next 60-90 days right after summer? He's right Ive had 2 heart attacks and 1 stroke from bankroll destruction; very exciting.

    • 100 Billion loan sounds large. AMRN is a long term investment for me, calculating short term price moves too difficult. Let's see where it is at in a year and then talk.

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      • I used to hang on every word Joe said..I bought in @$13.30..watched it go to $15 then ednured post-approval sell-off to $11. I was seating on sickening losses with 12k shares. I quickly sold when price popped to $14.40.
        There was never a buyout in the offing. Joe lied to allow insiders time to sell high.
        Yes he wants to sell because he knows he's not sitting on a gold-mine as some would have you believe.

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