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  • stkhound2000 stkhound2000 Mar 3, 2013 2:13 PM Flag

    For exisiting users of Lovaza...

    won't it be considered medical malpractice on any physicians part not to recommend Vascepa over Lovaza if it is considered the better, safer drug to take? Just askin'

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    • Yes it would be considered malpractice.
      Bill, MD, JD

      • 1 Reply to wmjenkins3938
      • Bill....JD....MD....A little enlightenment since your signatory brought it up. An "MD" from where and are you practicing now, and in what field? A "JD" from where, and what states are you admitted to practice law?

        So it's malpractice on a physician's part not to recommend Vascepa over Lovaza if:

        1. It is considered the" better drug"? By whom? Has it been found to be the "better drug" by the
        FDA or the AMA, or by someones local pharmacist.?..LOL..(let's no start that one up again) So the standard of physician care nationwide is for a doctor to always prescribe the "better" drug or it is per se "malpractice". Interesting. "Better" is normally totally subjective..You do understand that as a "JD" don't you, unless a regulatory body or agency has determined that issue by definition as a matter of "fact", not speculation or conjecture. So you have a half dozen approved statins. Please tell us which one is the "better" than the other so we can all sue our physicians for recommending the wrong one...LOL!

        2. So it's also malpractice not to recommend the safest drug in the same class. Wow...This is getting real interesting. Safe by whose defintions? tell us? What happens if the safest drug now turns out to be "not so safe" after additional clinicals or follow up studies? Should I sue? LOL! All drugs have side affects. Vascepa has none? Or, just less than Lovaza? So if someone is injured by taking Vascepa is the defense it was "safer" than Lovaza? Good luck with that one.

        3. Finally, is it your position that the physicians who are recommending Lovaza, all billion dollars worth per year, are all committing "malpractice"? And you'd testify to that in court, and would be able to defend your statements, under oath, when confronted with experts in the same field?


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