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  • yellow.bluff yellow.bluff Mar 4, 2013 11:59 AM Flag

    Lovaza scripts declines continue

    Another way to gauge Vascepa uptake is to look at Lovaza script declines. It makes sense that we will see a lack of Lovaza script refills before we see Vascepa scripts rise.

    Lovaza most recent week: 91,128 versus 92,882 the week before and 97,168 the week before that. The delta between the two most recent weeks seems to be the intriguing number as we didnt see a rebound two weeks after the big drop from 97.1 to 92.8 but actually fell another 1,754 scripts. That 1,754 is the interesting number...

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    • Thx YB. IMO this shows a significant decline in sales. Most likely a combination of many things with Vascepa intro being the major contributor in decreased sales. Good stuff.

    • Hi Yellow. bluff
      --- well sorry to throw a wrinkle into your theory of a gauge but you haven't factored in that some on Lovaza have switched to DS alternatives , particularly since GSK raised the price on Lovaza ( now $8 a day out of pocket ) and theres more insurance push back re off label scrips.

      Not saying there is no cross over to Vascepa --- you will probably see that in the over 500 TG group ---just you have to account for cross over to DS alternatives if the patient has no co pays for TG's under 500 , particularly if she/he can't get a script for either Vascepa or Lovaza now

      How are you doing on the Artic pure EPA ---those pills are HUGE . Did you ever get a script for Vascepa

    • Great news yellow thanks for sharing. Any data on scripts for tricor/trilipix? A decline in those would show a possible switch to Vascepa as well. This lovaza numbers show a probable 5,000 a week vascepa fill rate once the samples have dried up. Very encouraging this early on.

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    • Thanks for the info.

    • yellow you are the man!!! great info drip, drip slowly they fall as we rise oh yeah and the best part you got boiler's panties in a bunch!!! LMFAO

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    • No one will switch from Lovaza to inferior Vascepa, idi*t..

      All branded drug sales are in decline now and the only thing that will expand the prescription omega-3 market (in volume) is generic Lovaza from 2015..

      But that is also Vascepa's death sentence.

      And in 2015 the US will be even more "bankrupt" and branded drug sales and benefits will be in freefall..

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