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  • kaylawa kaylawa Mar 5, 2013 11:53 AM Flag

    from Stocktwits. Link. MD weighs in on Vascepa for his diabetic patients:

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    • They say Yahoo Message boards are shutting down on April 1, if true, StockTwits or iHub are potential migration zones.

    • "These studies pointed out one interesting difference between Vascepa and Lovaza ( highly purified EPA and DHA ) is, Vascepa lowers LDL cholesterol ( the bad cholesterol) while Lovza slightly increases LDL cholesterol.

      I have not seen an analysis of this difference but it could be as simple as LDL particle size. Lowering triglycerides has been shown to increase LDL size which is a good thing . Small dense LDL particles
      increase the risk of heart disease."

      Forget it people, GSK, Abbott, Pfizer, Takeda, Pronova and so on have access to thousands of PhD's
      between them.

      And that is why they are selling a DHA/EPA comobo and not (decades old) 96% EPA-E.

      How can you NOT understand this?

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      • PhD's are human. They get comfortable when something is selling and seems effective. they didn't have to pay attention to EPA/DHA vs EPA until AMRN forced the issue through successful clinical trials. Now they do have to deal with it by either buying AMRN or just get run over by Vascepa. :) It truly is interesting how they dismissed the Jelis study. Kind of like you can't seem to see the fact that bashing has no effective on stock price. Countless hours wasted and you keep doing the same thing over and over. If you got hit by a bus tomorrow the world would turn without you. Nobody would care ...the stock would ebb and flow as always. Life is too short to waste your time with lies in an attempt to hold back science because you're not ready for the positive change. Your life is such a pity you have to make belief that you're "big" and rich. Low self esteem can be managed outside of this forum. Whatever pain you're trying to get through on this message board...let it go. Do something more constructive to get past the pain. My thoughts are with you "big" as you work through your issues.

      • go #$%$ your dog you dumb #$%$ low life basturd. how come you don't understand you are a loser.

    • Good post K, When the majority of Doc's learn about ANCHOR and see the possibilities of JELLIS good things will happen for Vascepa.

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      • Read Horoshige Itakura article in Journal of Atheroscelorosis and Thombosis,Vol.18,No.2 .This is analysis of JELIS data --conclusion is AA/EPA ratio is key for inflammation. So Go to concluding remarks.
        Acoording to Dr.Barry Sears -of Zone Diet--AA/EPA ratio is very high in USA compared to Japan--so very high dose of EPA 6-8 grams/day is needed to reduce Coronary events or CVD.

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