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  • jefferson1964 jefferson1964 Mar 11, 2013 9:54 AM Flag

    Thoughts On A Doctor That Does Not Even Look At Whats Given To Them

    by his patient. My mom is 70 and I had mentioned to her about Vascepa and said on her next appointment ask the Doctor if its right for you, i told her to print the add and while they are talking just say she had heard about this and wanted to know his opinion, this was friday. So i went to visit saturday and asked her what the guy said and she was not happy. She said she had heard about something new on the market and wanted to know if it would help her (never said Vascepa), she said the Dr. didnt even look at the paper but just dropped it on the ground as if she had not given him anything, not even looking at it. I said time for a new Doctor but she lives in a rural area so not much to choose from, maybe thats why he acts like he does, the old phart.....

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    • No surrprise in this story. Far too many physicians don't have a "the patient is my customer" attitude. They DO have the "I'm granting you some of my valuable time and my surperior education so why are you asking ME questions." Many physicians have about 20 meds they regularly Rx beyond that, they will ask a specialty physician he refers patients to for an opinion or the hospital's (that he uses) clinical PharmD for an opinion. No surprise a male doctor was dismissive of your mother and I'd suggest finding another physician, telling them why. Physicians are just paid health consultants but they won't like that description.

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      • im all to familiar with that attitude due to a medical issue i was having...went to maybe 10 different doctors within a couple months. I would say out of the 10, 3 of them were jerks and did not care what I said but kept telling me something i knew it was not, one was even looking at his watch the entire time telling me he did me a favor by squeezing me in and he had to get to his next appointment.....yeah that was in 2007....when i finally found a Dr. that listend to me and what i was saying he did test, i could barely see at this point, thought i was going blind....he said i think you have a tumor, i was immediately sent for MRI that was a psuedo tumor due to an alergic reaction from some antibiotics a doctor gave me in 2006, i didnt know it but until it started messn with my vision, its still messed up but better than i was, and its taken me since 2007 to Oct. 2012 to find another Doctor that figured out my other issue with my ears, yeah its all tied together, a real nightmare, but im alive and i can enjoy my 1 and 10 year olds, i dont feel good most of the time but i know exactly what it is to be treated like your taking up their precious time and I know what its like to find a good doctor that really cares, when you find one they are a real gem.

    • Thanks for all the responses, i dunno why a thumbs down on her personal experience, but whatever, lol. Anyway, I do not know if she need Vascepa I only asked her to ask her Doctor. Next time around I will have her hand the Nurse the information, my father in his mid 70's said after reading the Vascepa website he is going to get a perscription no matter how many doctors he goes to to get one, they see different doctors, he said he took lipitor but had to quit due to its side effects on him, he did not elaborate.

    • Most professionals do not like to be told what to do by non-professionals. The diplomatic way is to speak to the nurse as per "mtdsus." The other suggestions are counterproductive in my humble opinion. Just because he acts like an #$%$, doesn't give you license to act that way as well.

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    • Many doctors are in a rush--as they are pushing to see max.# of patients-- Unless there is very serious problem--their diagnosis/treatment are done in minutes after they read the chart and nurses comments.
      Please tell your mother to talk to the nurse-she ususally spends more time with a patient these days.

    • sigma10 Mar 11, 2013 11:32 AM Flag

      You should call the office and leave him a stern message that you dont appreciate him not listening to your rmother. Tell him taht you will be accompaning her to her next visit to discuss Vascepa and you would appreciate it if he would read up on it so yall can have an informed discussion.

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      • Good post Sig; Sometimes, Obnoxious, grumpy, set in their ways Doctors should be cast aside. Jefferson should go one step further. If his mother does have High cholesterol and the doctor refuses to accept any advice from anyone, then I'd me calling the AMA. You notice I said If.... the Doctor obviously would not, could not prescribe Vascepa off-label.

        Heck, I had a grumpy old fart of a doctor (Sun City, AZ no less) diagnose my 4 year old child who had sleep apnea problems. He told us she didn't have any problems. We got a 2nd opinion, the 2nd doctor recommended a sleep study which eventually led to tonsilectomy and adenoid removal. My daughter has slept wonderfully through the night ever since.

        Sorry, folks, I just get irritated when doctors have a closed mind, especially towards peoples healthg and well being. To do nothing is poor professionalism, to ignore is a good reason to pull out the ol can of WHOOPA$$. Imagine the patients that could be helped if they were not so closed minded. I'm glad they (insurance companies) allow for 2nd opinions.

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    • My mom is 87, I've had her on steady diet of Fish Oil, Fax seed etc. for over 15+ years
      She is not on any medication, works out twice a week, very busy social calendar and sharp as a tack Other than some foot pain - an incredibly healthy and vibrant woman -So get a new doc now

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    • I'm surprised Obamacare doesn't have recipiants call a doctor (ala the Indian customer service model) who has a checklist and if the answer isn't on it, you get a disconnect.

    • Typical of the old school. obnoxious. paternalistic. know it all doctor. Or perhaps he was blind and deaf and didn't see or hear what she had to say. Then she REALLY needs a new doctor (either way).

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