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  • jreiss Mar 15, 2013 6:10 PM Flag

    A Visit to My Primary Care Physician

    I had an appointment last night with my primary care regarding a separate topic, my knee. During our discussion, I brought up the topic of Vascepa and if he had ever heard of it. He had said that he had heard that there was a pure EPA drug coming to market, but hadn't yet heard the name. I mentioned the name and he googled it on his computer, accessed the Vascepa website, and signed on. We talked about Lovaza, which he prescribes, somewhat reluctantly, to over 200 patients. His main concern is raising LDL. He mentioned that there have been no "real" studies on EPA or fish oils, and I mentioned the Reduce-It Outcome study, as well as the combo study with Crestor. He was very interested in both, as he felt that there is a lot to be one in this area as far as research goes. In any event, my Trigs are below 200, however I told him I would like to go on Vescepa for both Trig and LDL lowering, and especially as a preventive as an anti-inflamatory. He prescribed me on the spot, and asked for me to keep him update on my progress in taking Vascepa. With virtually no side effects, he said he would transfer all his Lovaza patients over to Vascepa. Not all primaries know about Vascepa, but when they look into it, it's an easy sell.

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    • I had a similar experience with my MD as well. He's a little more cautious but is intrigued. He's heard of Vascepa but hasn't had the time to read the studies but has promised to do so. His bottom line is safety and efficacy. He said that for his high trig patients, there is usually underlying metabolic syndrome that needs to be addressed as well. I told him to definitely look into it and the benefits to other markers. Currently he prescribes either Lovaza or an OTC with a high EPA to DHA ratio.

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    • Vascepa should be an easy sell.. We don't have vascepa in Sweden, the only option is OTC E-Epa. I have discussed the benefits of pure Epa with friends, and im amazed at the interest, 2 of my friends placed orders for E-Epa capsules last week. I take them myself, and my wife and daughter has started to take them too. My mother has high cholesterol but has had severe joint-pain with statins, she has also started taking the epa pills.

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    • If this primary care doctor prescribes Lovaza to 200 patients--then Amarin is missing this opportunity.My Primary care told me that he prescribes Lovaza to 2 patients.My Cardiologist told me that he prescribes Lovaza to 8 patients.Both are going to switch to Vascepa when these patients request new prescription.

    • Excellent work JREISS: Now that Doctor is a keeper.... He didn't blow you off and throw a tantrum when you brought up the subject. He also cares enough about you to research the medication while you were there and you both could talk through the issues. Very professional. If only more PCP could approach Vascepa with an OPEN mind. Eventually they all will come around, because their patients will demand it. Or run the risk of losing patients over a benign drug. Heck at first I thought he was going to prescribe it for your knee (arthritis), as I had met a lady the other night who's doctor wanted her to take a "Fish Oil" supplement for her arthritis. We were in Costco and instead of the usual 15 kinds of Fish Oil supplements there were only four (4) on the shelves. For 66% EPA too, plus DHA 32%. Good job, thanks for telling your Doctor about Vascepa. Looks like he prescribed it off label to you, that's great. Now the rest of his patients could switch over now too.

      Don't pay any attention to those bashers, I put them on ignore. I did in about 5 seconds.

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    • 15 thumbs up and 4 downs for what is an obvious fake poster with a fake story?? I mean how desperate are most of you to hang on to anything positive? Then you get some honest "longs" who question the whole post and you give them thumbs down? Come on gang...

      The guy says he had an appointment "last night" with his primary care physician? How many of your primary care physicians work "nights" to begin with...LOL....The poster brings up the name Vascepa to the doctor totally out of context of why he was there to see him in the first place. The guy didn't say he'd heard of Vascepa per se but he had heard there was a "pure EPA drug coming to market"? He's clueless about the name but just knew a pure "EPA" drug was coming to market. During this appointment the doctor had enough time to just drop everything and Google Vascepa and sign on to the website. He prescribes Lovaza to over
      200 patients "reluctantly" which probably makes him one of the biggest selling doctors in the County re Lovaza scripts...LOL! I mean to 200 patients "reluctantly"?!! LOL! So much for medical oaths huh? LOL!

      In any event....this doctor, who had never heard of Vascepa, but sells Lovaza like it was a sugar pill, then mentions he had a big concern about raising LDL. Then the patient with Tg's below 200 tells the doctor he wants an off label prescription for Vascepa to lower Tgs (they're already "normal" by the way) and to use as an anti inflamatory (again not approved for that use as of now), and the doctor prescribes it "on the spot"...LOL!

      And the end result??? The doctor was so impressed by all of this that he is putting all of his current
      200 Lovaza patients immediately on Lovaza? Now come on folks...What turnip truck did most of you people
      fall off of?? Ghee wiz.

    • I'm a long but a post like this does a disservice to those here that truthfully inform the community about Vascepa. It's a great product, we know. No need to pump it with #$%$ like this.

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      • 3 Replies to kristesla
      • kristesla: I honestly, truthfully had a very similar discussion with my own DR. in much the same manner as was described above. That poster may or may not be a pumper, I don't know. But I DO know that if a Dr. takes the time to look into something that a patient asks about and finds it to be potentially beneficial to his other patients that there is probably some merit other than financial gain on the part of the Dr.
        Obviously, I am long AMRN and expect that this stock will do very well.

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      • I've been on this board for a long time and I've never seen any post from you, so why don't you stop the baloney. Don't bother answering because you'll be on ignore.

      • jreiss Mar 15, 2013 8:43 PM Flag

        No disservice here kristesla. No pumping either. I jsut have a primary doc who is looking forward and sees the value in Vascepa. If you are a "strong buy", I highly doubt it.

    • Sure, your doc just heard about a product from you, googled it, prescribed you that product (for which you have no medical need) off-label on the spot and then proceeded to tell you what he was going to do with his other patients!

      You pumpers are just too funny and so is your first post here.

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