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  • ticktockisanass ticktockisanass Mar 24, 2013 3:40 PM Flag

    Week ending 3/15, scripts are 1406. only 150 or so of those are refills

    We're in for a rough Monday

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    • If only 150 are refills, this means there was 1256 brand new scrripts written in a week, that is GOOD. Patients will refill, but first they will use up their Lovaza and their first presc. of Vascepa.

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    • The number is growing at roughly 20% a week...why is that a bad thing? BTW every new script, extrapolated over a year, equals $2200 in revenue, so every 1000 new scripts equals $2.2 million in revenue a year.

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    • Sorry...My bad on the 100 million....Should have thought dollars, not scripts...Duh...Been a long weekend!

    • Again, Vascepa is a 3-month script, so the patients will refill their scripts every three months. We would see the scripts quickly increasing after 3 months since Vascepa would get more refills by that time.

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    • My friend, a MD, who worte over 1400 scripts of Lovaza last year. He was #1 Lovaza script written in NJ last year. I just talked with him, and he told me that he is starting to script Vascepa now. A few weeks ago, I talked to him about Vascepa, but he said "it is too expensive comparing with Lovaza". I told him that he can use coupons. I wonder why Amarin Reps didn't contact those doctors.

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    • I think the stock already priced in some disappointing script numbers last week. This should not bring the stock down nor bring the stock up in price

    • Rx has 1 month or 3 months. Vascepa's script is for 3 months. So, I guess the most of these 1406 scripts are the new scripts.

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    • Actually that Stocktwits site has a very active board discussion on AMRN. Thanks Sharon for the direction there. Seems like a good source to complement YMB. A Lot more going on over there re AMRN than IHub IMHO..

    • I was looking at I-Hub a few days' ago and a person that seemed smart and knowledgeable posted that weekly scrips are misleading and should not be relied upon. true, they might be like the NCE that everyone looks at every cycle but not really anything to be concerned with.

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    • I saw that posted on stocktwits as #'s come out on Sunday so will be accurate. That is week ending 3/15 so that's the last week before Tier 2 with Express scripts. He also states Avg weighted length of a script is only 32 days or so but it's unclear what that # means. Every script written that week averaged a 32 day script? Every refill was a 32 day script? Every script from day 1 has averaged a 32 day script?

      If 1256 is the new scripts then very likely very few of the #'s to date have been refills but then the does not jive with 32 day average. Seems to jive with a 90 day average before refill. They only need 200 new prescriptions a week to get to 100 million in a year with refills and they supposedly had 1256 in new scripts? Not sure the #'s are making sense on new vs refills but if 1256 is really new scripts then we should start seeing large jumps in May when the refills start happening in larger numbers. Not sure these weekly numbers help the short term price action but slow and steady wins the race and steady growth is a good thing.

      With a drug that is taken over the long term as long as the steady growth continues all is good long term. It'll be interesting to see the script #'s as the drug becomes easier to get through insurance on tier 2 without dealing with rebates and samples.

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