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  • akanz2 akanz2 Mar 25, 2013 10:46 PM Flag

    If I ever get a Vascepa scrip , you will be the first to know.

    To my old MB friends , Itoo , Tod , Hari , Phsaw , Kayla , JL, Cro and others ( including Williams and Golong ) let me tell you that I have been away from the board because my old " construction related "company is working 6 days a week going gang busters on the West Coast ...and I'm helping out.
    Case in point -- on a job site today in SF and a Google rep shows up and says --"we will take the top two 3 bedroom room apts , $5,000 for the top 3rd floor , $4,800 for the second floor " ---- these are unheard of rents for this dodgy section of SF for 3 brm apartments and indicate a shortage of housing both rental and for sale.
    My point being is that there is a construction /real estate mini boom taking place in much of the West and SW to meet this increased demand and its not all tech related ----- suggest you chk it out.

    The problem for AMRN IMHO is that the 3 of the 4 Cardiologists I know do not agree with Amarin Mgt on the importance of lowering TG's when TG's are lower then 500 and especially if the patients HDL is above 40.
    ( For those that don't know ---I have famialia hypercholestremia and mixed dyslipidemia , have participated in a clinical trial , and have taken more statins probably then this whole board combined over the past 25 yrs.--- ie I've been the lab rat for some of this ---taking a statin ( Mevacor ?) pre 1987 as part of a UCSF program before the statin was marketed.

    All of the Cardiologists I know still focus on lowering LDL cholesterol ...bottom line
    They have been chastened by the failure of Niacin knowing that they prescribed it for years often at thousands of $ cost to their patients , and for many of us ...a lot of discomfort trying to adjust to it.
    They now want outcome data before they prescribe Vascepa , and until then tell me to take dietary supplement alternatives like Plus EPA and Artic pure EPA . They no longer prescribe Lovaza.
    Best of luck to you all

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    • big housing boon going on in the Dallas/Fort Worth running around like a madman...last year it was reported 600K people moved into the area and we are gaining about 10-12K week moving in, and it sure can be felt on the roads, nuts, too bad we dont have the views of San Fran but ill take a job and be happy.....good luck akanz

    • Nobody gives a flying f*** akanz (bozo) about your repetitive posts! We got it--you have terrible Kaiser insurance and know 3 Cardiologists that would recommend patients order a non-FDA approved medication to control their triglycerides rather than Vascepa.

      If you're raking in the money from your construction business, why don't you try getting better insurance!

    • todhale Mar 26, 2013 12:44 PM Flag

      Hi G.,
      My first bit of investing a long time ago was in REITs. btw...before I went into the Corps in the "80's, I worked as a rough frame carpenter banging out top and bottom plate after a buddy came in to "snap lines" for small apartment complexes in Thousand Oaks. I still have a 29 ounce California framer's hammer and 16 penny nails!
      I was taking Niaspan to bump up my low HDL, stopped it awhile ago when the latest studies came out. I am due for a full physical coming up and I will see what my lipid panel shows. I went on Niaspan when I told a cardio at Bethesda I was taking OTC niacin to raise my HDL. He basically said he would write me a scrip for Niaspan to make sure I was getting quality product. I am going to try to use the same process to go from OTC fish oil to Vascepa. The DoD is schizophrenic, tho, they will seemingly jump thru hoops to treat you, but the system is set up that if you're a little slow on refills their software will pull your scrip for noncompliance.
      Glad to hear you're making some dough!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • This is professional bashing.
      You have lost any credibility for a 7%.
      Happy you.

      Well, Don't worry, this is the virtual world. A new id and you're ok.
      I just can't imagine your real world..... anyway....

      In this virtual world, I downgrade you @ Adam Feuerstain's level.
      And I did write the name correctly for the event.

    • Hey Akanz- Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Its a valid viewpoint that these cardiologists are much more skeptical knowing the results of the failed Niacin studies. I understand that the mechanisms behind the drugs are different and that JELIS shows differently but I don't think many docs have the time to go into the details so this could very well be playing itself out. I have read that your cardiologists still recommend that you take a dietary supplement in lieu of an rx. The battle versus a ds is cost. If the cost comes down to where they are competitive, would your doctors change their minds? Cost being equal, wouldn't they want you to take the RX- especially one w/ a relatively benign side effects profile?

    • Sharon.....You replies about Akanz being a possible paid pumper for Plus EPA are totally uncalled for, if not a bit paranoiac. The guy has been here and a supporter of AMRN long before you ever posted here. I realize everyone is under a bit of stress at the moment regarding the stock, but let's not make this into a witch hunt.

    • I'm sure that will be of great comfort to the people who will loose everything in this stock, Akanz.

      After you and your "friend" jesse.livermore pumped it almost 24/7 for months/years!

      You made it sound that Vascepa was basically the only thing that could save your life and now none of your doctor "friends" can't even manage to get you a prescription??

      • 3 Replies to nat_king_kole_sr
      • You have taken EPA as a drug?

      • Nat
        EPA is the easiest, safest , most patient friendly drug I have ever taken to improve my lipid profile.
        I would much prefer an Rx EPA then an DS EPA ---I am simply reporting the facts as to why I have not been able to get a prescription
        As regards pumping AMRN ----if you go back thru my posting history you will note a comment to Swalchie back in August 12 as to why I did not think the company would be brought out any time soon.
        In the period before the late 2012 sell off I posted my concerns about AMRN and have never rated it a strong buy.
        I think Vascepa is a great drug , but after the recent Niacin fiasco , the Cardiologists I know are reluctant to prescribe some drugs without outcome data proving clinical benefit -----this applies to Zetia , Lovaza as well as Vascepa.
        Thats just my experience ---yours may be different.

    • Go for it brother.

      Glad to hear you have got something super "constructive" to invest yourself in.

      All the best! See you around, as time permits.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • The niacin/fibrates fiascos, if anything should make docs look for safe alternatives. I find it appauling that yourdocs are ready to rec. Otc epa but not prescribe vascepa. Sounds to me like they are uncomfortable prescribing anything off-label. Off label bad for them, otc gold for you?

    • AK....Thanks for considering me a "friend" as I know it's a tough thing to acknowledge on this Board. I inturn consider you a friend as well, and maybe someday we can play golf and have a couple of beers and forget about all of the crazy stuff that went on here. Glad to hear construction is heating up especially in N. Cal (I live in So Cal). I'm going to check out some building stocks tomorrow in fact.

      When I first started posting here I related a conversation that I had with my wife's Cardiologist, and he basically said the same things that you just mentioned. I was pounded by everyone but you for repeating that conversation. I now believe that the sentiments you just mentioned, which mirrored my experience, are more widespread than the posters here might believe. It could well be the reason for the decline in Lovaza scripts to date, as well as the slow start for Vascepa. I am glad your conditon has improved and stabilized and your work is good too! Good things come to good people. Cheers and best to you and the Mrs.

      • 2 Replies to golongin2008
      • Golong I thought you got stopped out of armn yesterday? Didn't you bid the board farewell or did you reconsider and buy back in ?

      • Thank you guys for both your insight. But just an FYI there are combo studies coming out hopefully within the next 3 to 4 months Vascepa combined with statins currently on the market and proving that Vascepa when combined with a statin , enhances the statins productivity a by a significant amount.
        Guys, with already being granted TIER2 insurance coverage, and first drug in history not only to lower patients with Super high AND HIGH trigs, but also enhance statins, the drug market in America which is a $26 a year market and be the only drug on the market to be able to do that. If Big Pharma had their hands on this, this beats Lipitor's highest grossing year. They are salivating to market this drug to every cardioligist in the US and their are no side effects (compared to placebo).

        Sentiment: Hold

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