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  • mtdsus mtdsus Apr 2, 2013 9:52 AM Flag

    AKANZ 2-Thanks for advice on 90% EPA

    Akanz-2 suggested using PLUSEPA over a year ago --it is similar to VASCEPA which had not been approved at that time. I bought 30 pills of 500mg.strength for 32$--very expensive-as it is not covered by my drug insurance. My 2013 blood report showed 55% drop in TG, LDL dropped from 93 to 76 and HDL went up from 44 to 55. Cholestrols dropped from 177 to 147. I was/am taking Lipitor 20mg./day.
    I discussed these results with my doctor-internal med.--he thought it was due to my diet,exercise and diabeties medicine. I told him -it is due to PLUSEPA-similar to EPADEL used in Japan for 23 years.
    Talk to your doctor. Tell them about C-RP reduction--not mentioned in documents-tell them about EPADEL used in Japan ,JELIS study.
    Most of GP/FP/Internal med.doctors have NOT heard about VASCEPA yet.

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    • Plusepa is not FDA approved, how do you know what's really in it and anything extra like mercury?

    • MTDSUS
      Thanks for sharing and congratulations. ....since you mentioned diabetes these results are even more significant. The HDL raise is probably due to exercise ---I do an hr of cardio every second day -walk as much as possible --- but the TG and LDL lowering effect in combo with Lipitor = Anchor data in action .

      You didn't mention your diet but I suggest dropping red meat and adding wild salmon 2-3 times a week.....One of the reasons the Jelis trial was so successful for those with high TG's and low HDL combination was --- " Japanese had blood levels of EPA + DHA roughly 10 times higher than the average American "----Frontiers of Physiology 2012

      Met 397 -- Not sure what dose you were on but you need to be taking 3-4 gms a day and as the Frontiers of Physiology article cites ---most effective on top of a high "cold water fish -high omega3 " diet with those that have high TG's ( over 200 ) and low HDL cholesterol ( under 40 )

      Amrntakeout --- 3gms cuts my TG's by 1/3rd , 4gms by 50% ---
      Credit goes to poster TWI for telling me about PLUSEPA in early 2012.

      For the record ---I would much perfer an Rx EPA ie Vascepa ,since I take it at high doses --- just haven't been able to get a scrip yet . Hopefully MTDUS will be able to get a script because Diabetics are likely to see the most benefit from taking Vascepa .
      Congrats again MTDSUS

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      • Thanks to you. I had to convince my doctor--he gave me a prescription yesterday.
        I have been doing exercise--gave up red meat 15 years ago-eat Salmon -over 6 Oz. per week.Take Lipitor since 1997-20mg./day. Sugar level went up 5 years ago.My weight is normal,BMI great.C-RP is fine,Heart Scan is OK. Believe me PLUSEPA did the 55% reduction in TG-but amazing raised HDL from 44 to 52 and LDL dropped from 93 to 76.
        VASCEPA won't mean any OUT OF POCKET COST in 2013. PLUSEPA was expensive as insurance did not pay.
        By the way-- I am getting Shingles shot-Medicare/United won't pay--my cost 300$--but itis worth it.

    • You were fortunate. I volunteered to be a participant in a study group for my doctors practice and the end result was minimal change using plusepa after 6 months for myself and a majority of the others.

    • How much did you take every day? Equal to Vascepa dose? (4 gm = 8 caps)

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