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  • gizmo_puppy95 gizmo_puppy95 Apr 4, 2013 11:13 PM Flag

    New study by Heartwire today

    "Omega-3 PUFA as Biomarkers: Plasma Levels predict Mortality, CV events in CHS analysis".

    Dr. Dariush Mozaffariun says that the EPA is all hype, I'm sure he is referring to Vascepa and that it is better to take DHA and EPA as indicated by plasma levels in people who live longer supplementing with Fish oil that contains both.

    It is condescending to AMRN in a subtle style.
    This contradicts what Amarin has been saying.
    Google above if anyone desires to read.

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    • There are those who work in the trenches (PCP's, Cardiologists), then there are those who are Academicians because they would fail at being real Doctors. Dr. Farrari appears to the latter of the two. Plus his study was paid for by GSK? What a hoot! Iggy for you...

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    • EPA only is not found in nature, there is always a combination of EPA/DHA for a reason.

      And that is why even the Japanese have basically given up EPA only, there are no benefits, only way higher costs.

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      • boilerscamvictim Apr 5, 2013 1:29 PM Flag

        "EPA only is not found in nature, there is always a combination of EPA/DHA for a reason."
        Even I can't believe I just said that. That has got to be the STUPIDEST BASH EVAH !

        So apparently God hates Amarin.
        He don't think too many good thoughts about aluminum either,
        because Al is only found in compounds naturally .

        Those idiots that reduced it to the element couldn't have been more wrong,
        WANT PROOF ? Airplanes are UNSAFE !

        I just keep getting more and more desperate, huh ?
        Turns out The Big Pharmer was laughing at me.

        sheepish grin

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    • This researcher has been doing research on this subject for over 10 years.Heartwire asked him to comment on JELIS study.
      ORIGIN study was a big study for 6 years for Fish Oil--paid by Fish Oil manufacturers/marketers. It failed and results were announced in July,2012.This study was done in USA.
      Check out his Bio on Harvard--these studies show up.

    • Check out Dr. Mozaffariun's disclosure...Grant from GSK - Lovaza....

    • Interesting read, Pure EPA was way better in preventing Hemorrhagic stroke and unfortunately the article is missing alot of details, like how much of each pill was taken, and specifically the author states
      Acknowledging that "this is an observational study—it doesn't prove cause and effect" makes it seem like the study is not well done and readin the years they started and ONLY usine 3 communities made the population cross section extremely poor. It also seems to indicate any of the 3 is beneficial and, if true, Vascepa REDUCE IT, with a better population should show benefit and it's the only FDA test like it being done so would indicate success is more likely than not BUT may indicate DHA/EPA would be even better. However, such a poorly designed trial since it was NOT a trial not sure we can get anything out of this,

    • You're just making this up, he never uses the word hype or any similar word, in fact he recommends EPA and DHA, and never recommends fish oil.

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    • Gizmo
      The Heartwire is read by the Cardiologists I know and Dr Mozaffararian is with the Harvard School of Public Health . Anyone with a position in AMRN should read the article ....thanks for bringing it to the boards attention

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      • Heartwire had 4 articles on JELIS and VASCEPA incl.Anchor trials. Recently,an article headlined:
        DHA is positivly correlated to LDL-confirming Lovaza data showing LDL up by 49%.
        Actually Dr.Mozaffarian was interviewed about JELIS study in 2007.Here is what he said,
        " This study used 1800mg./day of EPA in addition to 250mg./day as part of Japanese diet."
        Origin Study in USA--last year created more damage for Fish Oil among Cardiologists.This study used over the counter-Fish Oil and Dr.Bhatt Audio commented on this study.
        This professor did another study for Surgical patients-giving them Fish Oil before/after surgery--Study was discontinued after 2 years of poor results-last year.
        One of top Cardiologist told me that he would like to see the results of Reduce-It. He considered JELIS results weak- he did not elaborate what weak means.This top Cardiologist knows Dr.Bhatt well and respects his competence in conducting "Strong-Proper studies".
        By the way--Amarin left sample of Vascepa and couple of Free Card with my internal medicine doctor 2 days ago.He is going to try Vascepa with 2-3 patients,then after 4 months--if results are good--change prescription for other patients.He trusts his own research --with his patients blood reports to assure him that Vascepa is better than Lovaza.

      • Heartwire is a product of Medscape hardly a respected journal

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