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  • harveyspecter357 harveyspecter357 Apr 5, 2013 11:28 AM Flag

    It's amazing how AMRN has accomplished all of the following...

    AMRN in the last 3-4 months has accomplished all of the following..
    - Launch Vascepa on time
    - 4 New Patents
    - Tier 2 Insr
    - 1st ever ANCHOR Patent 520
    And over the next 45 days AMRN has these catalysts..
    - Combo-Statin Data
    - 2 more Patents
    - Q1 Script data 100% and guidance ahead

    WHO GIVES A #$%$ ABOUT "NCE STATUS"........ When the FDA is ready to give a decisions they will, but WHO CARES... At this point it is so moot point...

    The best is how many ppl think that just because the stock is trading btwn $7-$8 that behind the scenes Big Pharma isn't valuing every one of those milestones above towards what they will pay for AMRN..

    So if you put all the FACTS aside.. The WHOLE argument and case that the SHORTS have is this - Since AMRN stock is at $7.40 and it didn't trade higher on all the recent news like the 19 Patents, Tier 2 Insr, sNDA ANCHOR etc, that means that Big pharma isn't in talks with amrn, isn't gonna buy them, and the drug is not gonna sell.... LOLOLOL Yeah that's a great case to make..
    You shorts are 100% correct, bc when a patient visits his doctor, the doctor IS NOT going to prescribe him/her Vascepa all because the stock is ONLY at $7.40... LOLOLOLOL
    Now i see why the Evidence Based Proven Data doesn't matter.. LMAO!!!!

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    • Harvey doesn't care that there is no nce. Harvey doesn't care that he was wrong about the stock not going below $7. Well I tell you what there are a lot of people that do care about the current state of the share price. Bottom line no nce no improved scripts and no $35 buyout for Harvey!

    • Harvey, this is not intended as a bash on you. What I don't understand is I thought you said you run a multimillion dollar fund, yet if you do, then why do you post on here? If you truly did, no way would you be coming on here posting things and having this much time. You'd have better things to do and wouldn't need (nor would you want to) to be telling people about how great Amarin is. You'd want to keep it as a secret. I don't understand?

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      • I don't run a fund. I do Private Wealth Management. I also build positions in LT Bio situations. I have roughly 300 clients plus Inst and VC i deal with. I don't trade day to day like HF's do.. Also I check all boards, chat room etc bc they r filled with professionals that share valueable info, just like I try to do. However, there are the rare few that abuse these places for the wrong reasons. I am very busy but just bc I post doesn't mean I'm not. Sometimes I'm doing it when I'm on the road from my cell or ipad, or in btwn conf calls or client call, etc.
        It's not about better things to do. These boards don't consume me like some ppl that post 20-25-30 times a day. However I do like to use the board to inform investors on on FACTS and I just hate when others try to post bs and misleading info.
        I think if your take my tone out of what I write and ignore the other idiots i address at times and ONLY look at the FACTS I post you will see I know what I'm saying should be listened to.
        Look at today for example.. I made 3 posts. I work from 6am to 11pm and the market is open 6 1/2 hours... Is 3-5 posts during that time REALLY my whole day. it's NOT EVEN1 post per hour, ya know. Plus I don't post every day and some days I only post 1 time. If people, NOT saying you think I can't be who I am just bc I make 1,2 or 3 posts over 7 hours, come on now.. LOL.. And the ones who do bash me are the one that post 20 times a day everyday and add NO FACT or value.. So if nothing else I'm the posts ppl should be looking for.. A simple thank you would be fine!! LOL
        I'll answer any questions you want. Hope this helps.

    • To continue on your point re a doctor prescribing or not based on stock price, that is of course true, BUT if a one drug small bio company has a stock that has fallen hard, and continues to fall almost daily, that even falls or shrugs major business events (what did we get 10-12 cents for filing sNDA for Anchor?) don't you think that could only HURT the company as it is trying to gain acceptance in the cardio community, sell to doctors, and on a higher level, negotiate with BP. Put another way, it cannot be helping those things. If you take a step back and be on the other side (think BP and Drs side) and you were being told all these wonderful things about this drug and how it will change lives and do great things yet you see its stock price fall almost daily, wouldn't it have at least a little of a concerning affect on what you are hearing?

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      • Let's really look at the whole pic here. This stock ran from $2-$19 then $6-$16 all from Nov 2010 to FDA apprvl in July 2012. Thats 1000% in almost 2 years. I would say the stock has performed..
        BUT now lets look since approval.. The stock only broke down from the low teens bc of NCE and NO year end B/O.. Really what does either have to do with the drug, the 10x's larger mkt it will serve and 19 patents.. Nothing it's wall st and speculation.. Now for the last 3 months the stock has been in a $2 point range on LOW volume.. Yes LOW volume.. Up to approval this stock trade 6-7 mill shrs a day. Now that # has come down to 3.5 mill.. Thats NOT big $$. Most Inst own the stock and are siting tight... And the stock doesn't go down everyday.. When a stock goes from $6.86 - $7.70 in a few days and now trades back down on 2-3 mill shrs a day, that is not down everyday.. HF and MM have this stock on hold and its FOOLING MANY to thinking AMRN is in trouble.. As this year goes on MANY will be taught a valuable lesson. #1 u don't get greedy as a short and #2 You stay focused on FACTS not emotions and bs stock price.. All in do time.. And that time is next 3-4 months..

    • Harvey,

      On WS, there is a point where a companies stock might hit that could sound the alarm internally, regardless of of how good, or not good a business is being run. It doesn't matter how successful a management team has been in the past, or what great accomplishments have been made in the future. Price is truth, and even if it doesn't always spell out true value, it is a critical part of a companies health. The market is continuing to show that it is still angry at Joe for something. Right or wrong, it is what it is. What if the stock goes bellow 6? Bellow 5? I am not suggesting that this will happen, but what if it does. WS is a ruthless place, and there are no limits to how far the will take a great company, no matter what. What if it continues to fall below that? Will the board be forced to take action? Will it affect rep's going into Dr offices? I know if I was GSK rep, I would be warning my DR reps about the health of AMRN, even if it is lies. Kill or be killed, right? How about BP? Short of having a BP partner under the tent already, wouldn't you (if you were negotiating from BP point) maybe take a step back, see how it all plays out? If Joe was asking 40 in Nov when pps was at 15, now he's still asking 40 when pps is 7 (or 6,5 if you use my examples of possibilities) wouldn't you maybe just sit back....and continue to watch? BP has shareholders too? My point is, while it might not reflect true value, current price per share MATTERS IMO for a one drug bio company, during a new launch.


    • Amazing that a company with ONE worthless product and no pipeline still can be valued at a billion+!

      The good news is that it won't be for much longer:)

      See you at the bottom soon suc*ers!

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • You, go, Harvey!!!! Can't argue with facts.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • I agree with many that the stock prob should be much higher but the truth is it did make 2 huge runs in the last 2 years. Now the next wave of true value with this stock and company will come this year as the scripts sell, anchor mkt and combo data hit... And the fact that the stock is at $7-$8 is the greatest opportunity ever... But those who realize it are only the few that know the whole story..
        I with you all the way boundbrook FACTS can never be argued..
        Maybe everyone else except you and a few others were asleep in class during 4th n 5th grade when you were taught what a FACT was... LMAO

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