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  • ilovedthe80_s ilovedthe80_s Apr 17, 2013 2:30 PM Flag

    Hey fghton what's your problem?

    If what you say is true and you blame no one but yourself for buying AMRN then stop with the name calling and bad mouthing the other longs here none of us need that #$%$ right now if your main problem is with JL take it up with hime on the IHUB board he has been long gone from this board for a while now peace!

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    • Good point ilove...I apologize to Todhale...Just get so frustrated reading the same stuff over and over when the only thing that matters now is growing scripts and revs. JL? I have no beef with him. He's a science guy
      and obviously over estimated the demand for Vascepa out of the box, but maybe he'll be right some day?

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      • fghton....I truly know how you feel. With close to six figures on the line this is one brutal stock for me. I know there are others here with more on the line but Amarin was a major significant play for me. All the DD anyone could possibly do I did (as I am sure others here). But underestimated the NCE delay and what that would ultimately lead to. The non NCE decision is just a major obstace. I should say "was". It made Amarin follow the GIA path. I hate even typing that abbreviation. We are now all stuck with scripts count. Where are all the GIA crowd now? They all drank massive amounts of the GIA KoolAId spouting how this will be worth 30-40 and even higher by GIA. Yeah right. We are now paying dearly for this path. It would be tragic to know if there was an offer of around 20-24 from BP back last year right after approval, but was turned down because of the belief it was worth more. It still maybe worth more but I would like to retire in the next 5-10 years. In hindsight, I bet many here would take that 20-24 in a heart beat right now. I sure would. We are fighting to stay at 7!!! And will possibly set a new 52 week low. I just cannot get my mind to process that an approved FDA drug goes form almost 16 to the 6's AFTER that approval. So thanks for letting me vent, I am frustrated as you are. Wish I could be more tolerant as some others on here seem to be. Being Italian I get my emotions involved once in awhile (OK maybe more than once in awhile).....................

      • It's all good fghton we are all frustrated just to varying degrees I guess not going to argue about the scripts staying flat ain't gonna cut it let's hope next week we start heading back up.

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      • todhale Apr 17, 2013 3:33 PM Flag

        No need to apologize, instead...
        financial contributions to the Tod Hale Foundation are always welcome.
        At the Tod Hale Foundation, we are doing ground breaking work on metabolizing alcoholic beverages.
        It's not glamorous like finding a cure for childhood cancers, but someone needs to do it.

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    • I think he is a #$%$ Southern Cal football fan.

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