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  • milesky90 milesky90 Apr 26, 2013 9:35 AM Flag

    Honest question

    What will the pps be when they announce earnings? If you are long, wouldn't you think it is best to sell now and buy back later around $6? I'm not bashing, but clearly the selloff isn't over. Why hold now?

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    • I've only been trading stocks for a few years but i've learned that it's almost impossible to know what the pps will be after an earnings announcement. I've seen the pps plunge when the earnings beat expectations and rise when the earnings were nowhere near expectations. Might as well flip a coin. Trade for the long term and forget the anouncements.

    • Your first mistake is asking an "honest" question on this Board. Your replies will either come from bagged longs like "Sharon", or outright shorts. Most longs here are in total denial right now...Talking about the "future" when they are too blind to know that the future is right now unless they start selling Vascepa in meaningful quantities, and soon.

      "Earnings" (an oxymoron) will be a disaster. Actual multi million hard dollar negative cash flow for the coming and future quarters will deplete cash reserves much faster than anyone initially expected. After a few quarters, unless sales improve drastically, the company could be in violation of their debt covenants to the secured 150 million dollar "lender". Dilution is a definite possibility down the road. How else will they have enough cash to continue in business when all of their assets have already been pledged to the first lender of record and they are running out of cash?

      The good news is probably $4-$5 should be the bottom even in the worst case scenario absent a BK filing.
      I think BP might even take a chance of buying them at those levels if not for just a long term #$%$ shoot on Vascepa and it's patents. GL to you and all longs!!

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