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  • todhale May 1, 2013 11:39 AM Flag

    My Physician story

    I went to see my primary on Monday for a physical and the usual blood work + psa+ extra hepatic tests. He is a civilian contractor, Dr. Hoffman, at Joint Base Pearl Harbor/Hickam. Once we started BSing, I started talking about AMRN/Vascepa. He was not aware of it. I told him the Vascepa story and when I got to the part about label expansion into the 250-500 trig population later this year he said "That's huge....what's their ticker symbol?"!!!! It turns out he uses an advisor and is pretty diversified but does own some Biogen. We did not talk about him writing scrips after that, only about AMRN as an investment!
    I'll go back in to discuss the lab results and see if he'll look into writing scrips for Vascepa.
    My last lab was done 5 March 2012 at Maxwell AFB, Montgomery Ala. My HDL was 45, my LDL was 121 (lowest ever), trigs were 39.
    My oldest lab that I have paperwork for is from Quantico, 2 May 2008. HDL was 9 (yes, 9!), LDL 160, and trigs were 90.
    29 May 2008. HDL is 51(now it's 51!), LDL 166, trigs 176 (I might have had a porterhouse the day before!).
    10 October 2008. HDL is 12 (yes, 12!), LDL is 158, trigs 117.
    More than one person at Bethesda Naval Hospital told me that Quantico's lab did not have a reliable reputation.
    So.....these tests will really be my base line numbers since I stopped Niaspan a few months ago. It had pushed my sugar up on my last labs at Maxwell, I was unaware of the connection until Akanz pointed out some recent studies that convinced me Niaspan's risk/reward was not acceptable.

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    • Do you take Lipitor or some other Statin?
      Statins tend to affect Sugar-Type 2 diabeties.
      I am amazed at HDL fluctuation.

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      • todhale May 2, 2013 11:57 AM Flag

        That is why I have serious doubts about the quality of the original lab work. 9? My current primary told me he has never seen HDL that low.
        Keep in mind, all of this started with a physical, and when the corpsman took my BP..200/110...everyone started freaking out. They never got around to my pulse, which is low since I have always been a serious runner. So the first med they put me on was a beta-blocker. I went back in the next day and ofcourse my heart rate was 41 or 42 and they freaked again. So they put me on the ACE inhibitor at that point.
        I'm not on any statins. In the beginning of all of this, they tried a couple with me but blood work came back with elevated enzymes.
        So when I post these last results, when I get them, I'll have been on 20 mg Lisinipril, double strength OTC fish oil, saw palmetto, high quality multi-vite, and low dose aspirin.

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    • Tod
      Great work on getting your HDL up ...something I've found hard to do ....I've never heard of an HDL as low as 9...Wow
      Re your LDL ....have you tried reducing red meat and processed meats as much as possible .....that alone according to the Adult Lipid clinic at UCSF can help lower your LDL
      Thanks for the update ....fill us in when you go back to discuss your results .

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      • You sounds like my PRIOR doc, "reduce red meat and processed meat, visit fast food restaurant less often..." I wanted to laugh because i've never eaten red meat my entire life. I don't like processed food and i visit fast food restaurants like 3 or 4 times a year. I exercise 5 days a week and have perfect BMI but my TC and LDL just won't go down (my HDL is very high too). I've now learned that high TC runs in my family but no one has died before 85.

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    • Always like to hear stories from the "field" about dr/patient/investor exchanges! I'm hoping we get some guidance on this in the upcoming management discussions. I know they previously said the strategy was to first target high prescribing docs. I would like to see if they expect to reach out to primary care docs any time soon, or if this is something that they don't anticipate until ANCHOR is off and running.

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    • Good work tod. It a strong possibility that the majority of doctors have not even heard of vascepa yet. The steady increase in script numbers is occuring as more become aware. The benefits of vascepa are undeniable when compared to alternatives. It's just a matter of time.

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