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  • fdabites fdabites May 9, 2013 10:24 AM Flag

    Jelis study?

    Am I missing something in the Jelis study on EPA? That study showed a vast improvement in health did it not?

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      In patients with no history of coronary artery disease, EPA treatment reduced major coronary events by 18%, but this finding was not significant (104 [1·4%] in the EPA group vs 127 [1·7%] in the control group; p=0·132).

      "but this finding was not significant"
      "but this finding was not significant"
      "but this finding was not significant"
      "but this finding was not significant"

      Beatriz L Rodriguez, MD, PhD (University of Hawaii, Honolulu), observed that although the overall reduction in major coronary events in JELIS was an "interesting" result, "there was no strong evidence that EPA affects mortality one way or another."

    • Here's the best analogy: I cook french fries in vegtable oil and they taste good, but if you cook them in motor oil they taste like #$%$. If you went around saying frnch fries taste like #$%$, I would wonder what you were cooking them in! Its as simple as that!

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    • The recent study from Italy used only 1gm which I believe insufficient to evoke a response from the body. Once you reach a threshold the body will start using the fish oil instead of producing its own triglycerides.

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    • Japanese doctors analyzed JELIS data and reported their findings in Journal of Atherosclrosis and Thrombosis in 2011 and 2012. Here are conclusions from 2011 article.
      Pure 96% EPA(EPADEL) reduced Inflammation as measured by AA/EPA ratio by half. Their conclusion-Inflammation was key to reduction in CV events.
      Conclusion from 2012 Study:
      DHA correlates with LDL. However EPA has no correlation.
      This is consistent with LOVAZA raising LDL by 49%.
      Majority of Cardiologists believe than LDL and C_RP are important indictors to focus on in therapy. Lower LDL and C-RP are impprtant.
      EPADEL and VASCEPA lower C-RP,besides Trigl.
      There was a cardiologist on Dr.OZ TV show--Dr,Sinatra. He said he focuses on Trigl./HDL ratio-as that has shown to cause CV events.He does not prescribe Statins.
      Recently--Dr.Topol questioned the wisdom of high dose of Statins because of raised risk of diabeties from Statins in NY Times Op.Ed.

    • To quote : "After mean follow-up of 4.6 years, the primary endpoint of major coronary events, defined as sudden cardiac death, fatal or nonfatal myocardial infarction (MI), unstable angina pectoris, and coronary artery bypass graft/percutaneous coronary intervention (CABG/PCI), was significantly reduced by 19% in the EPA group compared with the statin-only group (Table 1). Among the primary endpoint components, a 24% reduction in unstable angina in the EPA group was the only significant difference compared with the control group."

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