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  • halcyon_1 May 18, 2013 11:46 AM Flag

    I take Lipitor and .................................

    I currently take Lipitor and I have been taking PLUSEPA which is an Omega-3 supplement. It is pharmaceutical grade PURE EPA (AND NO DHA). I can take any dosage but I try to take around 2 to 3 gms per day of PURE EPA along with my daily Lipitor prescription.

    Vascepa could be another good option for people but it has drawbacks like costs (obviously) and time required for all of the doctor visits and blood testing and follow-ups and trips to the store for each month of vascepa.

    I truly can't imagine that when we consider all the costs involved in obtaining a prescription for vascepa, medical supervision, blood tests and pharmacy costs that vascepa won't cost at least two times what I spend on PLUSEPA. Plus, the restrictions placed on prescribing doctors will not allow me to get vascepa until next year anyway. This year it is only for extreme high lipid disorder.

    How many years have you suffered with high triglycerides?
    How long have you been taking pure pharmaceutical grade EPA?
    Will you switch next year if Vascepa is approved for your trig level? Or, after all these years, will you just stay with whichever pharmaceutical grade pure EPA product you have been taking over the past ten years?

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    • Lipitor also requires extra blood tests to see if you're damaging your live. Try only Vascepa and maybe eliminate the Lipitor.

    • Your argument doesn't make any sense, you're already going to the doctor and pharmacy for the Lipitor. Vascepa is prescription grade, I wouldn't trust 3 grams every day if who knows what's really in it.

    • Why should you do additional bloodwork because you use a statin and epa vs. if you use a statin alone? Why an extra visit to the doctor?
      No reason, and if you weren't full of it you'd know that. Nice attempt though.

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    • There aren't many people who suffer from extremely high triglycerides. That is why nobody is buying Vascepa. Physicians can't prescribe it unless you have ( 500 mg/dL). Plus, you can buy non prescription, rx grade pure EPA without DHA capsules. GMP certified just like Vascepa too.

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      • That's strange how "not many people suffer from high trigs" yet GSK built a block buster drug in that specific market. Hmmm.... they must have made a mistake since you are so smart. And little ol' AMRN has increased sales every single week since the first script was sold. hmmm.... maybe we should tell them to stop since you say "nobody is buying Vascepa."
        And, can you define rx grade pur EPA for us?...because nearly every omega 3 supplement in the store says rx grade yet they all have different EPA ratios. Is that an FDA defined term? hmmmm....
        Can you give us your credentials?... I just want to make sure your recommendations don't get lost in the data that argues with it. I assume your amazing credentials will help us in that regard.

      • Yeah, only 3.6 million people.. Another village idiot? I buy pure epa capsules, cause i don't have the prescription, they are expensive!

    • When I googled Vascepa prescription costs, all major pharmacies come up with a price over $200 per month with coupon. I know there are other expenses that are piled on top of that regarding Vascepa, but wouldn't those same expenses be necessary with E-EPA 90 prescriptions?

    • u r definitely full of it. prescription of Vascepa actually COSTS LESS than Plusepa.

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      • Don't we all wish this were true.

        Your deductible is most likely $2,000 or $5,000 per year.

        What does a doctor's visit cost now days? Hundreds of dollars if it is an hour or more.
        What about blood work? They send those out to local labs and that is expensive. Each time you want your blood work done, you have to spend $50 or $100 for each test. Cholesterol blood tests consist of two tests every six months. Adding an Omega 3 supplement (like Vascepa, or any pure EPA product) will require even more testing. Vascepa is prescribed in 4gm doses, so testing will be at least every six months for Triglycerides.

        You can obtain a 4 gm daily dose of pharma grade pure epa for $120 per month. That is 4 gm of pure pharmaceutical grade epa each day. Vascepa alone costs $200 per month with coupons. Now add on all those other expenses for Doctor's visits, exams, blood work, lipid panels, follow ups and on and on.

        So, on top of the actual cost of the Vascepa prescription, you have to add in hundreds of dollars in medical expenses that go along with a prescription for Vascepa. These expenses never go down, just up) making the average monthly cost of Vascepa more like $50-$100 more per month over the $200 prescription cost per month.

        Who won't just purchase pharmaceutical grade pure epa from a company like Igennus?

        Which is cheaper?
        E-EPA 90 at $120 per month (4 gm pharmaceutical grade pure epa)
        Vascepa at $250-$300 per month (4 gm pharmaceutical grade pure epa)
        Each year for the rest of your life.

        Who will choose to pay two to three times what it costs otherwise?

        “Nobody in this medical insurance drama has an interest in helping you. The provider knows you’re on the hook, no matter what. And the insurance company knows they’re going to pay what they’re going to pay.”

    • todhale May 19, 2013 12:11 PM Flag

      Interesting posting history. You have been soft bashing from the beginning....who are you really? What's your other IDs?

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    • If I'm going to take a medicine every day probably for the rest of my life I want to be sure what's really in it, especially if it contains toxins that can accumulate and severely harm your health. Saying it's pharmaceutical grade is saying it's just like the real thing and I trust the person claiming that. The FDA certifies manufacturers for Vascepa. The FDA shuts down any facility found by monitoring that doesn't meet its standards so the public is not harmed. Vascepa is patented, you can't make the real thing for many years.

    • halcyon_1 May 18, 2013 11:50 AM Flag

      Another consideration for which to take................................... I also very much hate the Insurance nightmare of today's medicine.

      What I hate most about today's insurance is that as a patient, I need to spend $2,000 out of pocket before they start covering some costs. I can avoid all that insurance nightmare by just getting currently available pure epa that is the same pharma quality from the same processor factories. PLUSEAP is indistinguishable from vascepa in composition. Both vascepa and PLUSEPA are pharmaceutical grade pure EPA products that are manufactured under the same strict pharmaceutical contros andl are both GMP – accredited and offer rigorous in house and third party testing of their products.

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