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  • harveyspecter357 harveyspecter357 Jun 6, 2013 2:56 PM Flag

    The real shame behind all of this...

    Ya know in the business world and the market there are always good and bad companies. Plus you always have ppl that like and dislike a company for whatever reason.. However with AMRN alot of true colors have come out and many have shown their ignorance and disgrace for themselves and this business.. Lets really think about this..
    AMRN from 2010 has proven every nay sayer wrong. This company truely has over acheived and well surpassed expectation in everyhting they have done. THEY have DONE NO WRONG!!! Yes i get ppl, maybe many are sour bc they haven't got NCe and they had to launch alone, but at the end of the day, WHO THE HECK R YOU PPL to tell someone how to run their company. Come on at least be honest w yourself and say the facts, the only reason investors wanted a B/O last year was to make $$ quick and move on, thats it!!
    Now that AMRN is doing what is best and things are taking time ppl don't wanna wait. Well guess what, TOO BAD... This is a MULTI-BILLION dollar drug thats going to treat 1/3 of the US population in many areas (Tryg, Chol, Diabeitie, inflamation etc) and NOT ONLY is it the best drug currently but it's the FIRST to do so and it's SAFE!! So BACK UP.... AMRN has done an amazing job and created a great drug and Joe will sell when he Gets what AMRN deserves and they deserve $4 Bill at a minimum...
    Now I will agree that maybe Joe spoke too soon on a few things which made ppl get excited too quick, but that still doesn't justify this stock at $7 and the ATTACK that ppl are taking.. You know who you are and some of the things even posted are just a shame.
    Big things Take time, both in stock price and drug performance. Lovaza did $1Bill by catureing 15% of their mkt. Vascepa mkt size by 2104 will be $50 Bill +, so if they only capture 5% they still do $2 Bill+ a year, double Lovaza with 1/4 of the mkt captured. So bottom line is AMRN has bn solid and will be HUGE. Regardless of how ignorant and shamefull u shorts continue to be..
    Sorry for the rant.

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