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  • zoobuffdoc zoobuffdoc Jun 17, 2013 9:11 AM Flag

    My post on I Hub this AM: Patients and Patience

    Patients and patience are necessary. The first are coming along. The latter is somewhat more difficult. It seems apparent to me that the major increases in pps will begin in late Nov./early Dec. For me, this is NOT a trading stock, but one to accumulate/hold for now. Moving to another stock to "make money instead of holding on to dead money" is foolish. I'd likely choose a stock that itself would not "make money" and I do not want to risk the capital I have invested in Amarin when its chances of major increases for the next year are so great. I know that patience is the way to go right now. Script growth, of course, is vitally important but this requires looking at it month to month, quarter to quarter, not week to week. At least that is my approach at this time. Except for issue of partnership for Anchor being announced, management has reached all stated goals to date, product has been launched and is doing very well - if not spectacularly well, patent wall appears to be strong and looking ahead 6 to 12 months the future looks pretty good. At least as I view it. zbd

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    • blackholesblackscholes blackholesblackscholes Jun 17, 2013 10:49 AM Flag

      Asking for "patience" in Amarin is comically redundant. Everyone who is still holding the bag has already been extraordinarily patient. Few people expected to be here this long, and the smart ones who thought so all sold their positions prior to the December rout. Shareholders who consistently lose capital, in an arduous, grinding fashion are bound to get stir crazy, and rightfully so. The problem continues to be management, and their unwillingness to act on the behalf of shareholders. They behave as if they don't know or care, and that hurts this stock price far more than FDA delays or The Street articles. Has there even been any real acknowledgement of the 50% drop in company value? How about any real or feigned "urgency" to improve equity values, torn down under the watch of management? No, but these same guys want me to reelect them in July and extend their bonus packages.

    • kkllfla Jun 17, 2013 9:36 AM Flag

      DDD. Go in and out at around $48.20 SELL, $44.50 BUY. It's reoccurring quite quickly. And, if you are left holding the bag, the future is bright for this technology. Hell, they just sent one of the DDD units up to the space station.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • I agree patience is the key but disagree that you can't play other tickers while you wait until late fall to get in here. Imagine being in mnkd the last couple of months instead of waiting around here. It looks like nce is off the table IMO until after anchor and we will see if this weeks script numbers move the needle at all. Don't get me wrong I have not taking my own advice because I have held my 3 blocks of shares through this mess but I think this stock is in for range bound trading through the summer and fall.

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      • Spot on about scripts not moving the needle already opening in the RED!!!!

      • At this point I do not see POSITIVE script counts helping....oh don't get me wrong, script counts that are below expectations WILL hurt this. But Amrn is so tied down by the "thieves" (Hedgies: Shorts: MM's; Adam Fartstains) that anything that can be spun negatively will be and keep the PPS down, while positive news gets no drumming (especially from mgmt) and has NO affect on the PPS. We have now been stuck in the 6's for several weeks. This is just simply incomprehensible to me. 6's??? REALLY? It crosses over into 7's and immediately gets beat down back in the 6's. Range bound indeed. The thieves have played this like an expensive lesson in champion chess. Move, counter move. Over and over. Its like being in a chess game where you have only a few pieces left with your Queen, King, and a couple of pawns and you are trying to get some of the pawns to the other side to convert to more Queens. You try staying in the game until they get there so you can ultimately win.

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