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  • afosisteve afosisteve Jun 27, 2013 9:49 PM Flag

    Call into Joe Bruno, Amarin IR

    Long time reader, rare poster. Have followed ST, boards, SR, and other info sources. I have been in AMRN since Jul 12 and am down 50% + like most of you.

    I am a 40 yr. old male, work out quite often (5-6 days a wk) and only eat fish and veggie meat products. I went to the my Doc today for blood test results Cholesterol 218, Trig 167, HDL 54, LDL 153. My cholesterol has run about 215-220 for the past 5 yrs, but I do not take anything for it. I asked the doc if he has ever heard of Vascepa he said no. He looked at the website and left it up to me if I wanted it prescribed. I said I have heard good things about it from others (mostly here). He wrote me out a 6 mo. Script. I took it to my So. IL Wal-Mart, they said it was not in stock but could order it and it would be in within 24 hrs. So I am waiting for my 1st V script to come in. I will post my results after a few months.

    I also have a call into Joe Bruno, Amarin IR. We have been playing phone tag, but I expect to chat with him tomorrow morning. The questions I have lined up are:

    1) What do they think of Adcom and the potential influence of outside contributors/BP?etc.

    2) Need more press release from the company to help keep share price above water i.e. talk about small successes, Tier 2, using press releases to the advantage of company and shareholders,. Blackout BS. Quiet period is not a strategy etc.

    3) Future plans, Joe Z said a sales force would not be hired for Anchor. What if partnership doesn’t materialize, how will anchor be pushed etc. I have not seen a Vascepa commercial. What is marketing strategy, word of mouth?

    Let me know anything else you all might want me to hit on during the call. Thanks and best of luck to all.

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    • If I can add to your post in regards to AMRN and Joe Bruno.. I have been heavily involved in AMRN since May 2010 at $2, shortly after JZ joined AMRN in Jan 2010. For the last 3 years I have spoken with many levels of AMRN management including Joe Z, Dr Declan Doogan all the way down to Steve b4 he left and now Joe Bruno and it's seems to me that AMRN's management is superior and top notch when it comes to the Lipid Space and executing, however they are a little out of their league when it comes to dealing with the Wall St side.
      At this stage it's not about good news and more PR, AMRN has well exceeded in that field. What management needs to do at this stage is address it's shareholders by a letter to shareholders or an earlier cc ahead of Q2. When WS attacks a company like AMRN that has had nothing but positive news, management needs to let shareholders know that "THEY UNDERSTAND" what's taking place.
      Obviously AMRN can't control the stock or what Blogger like AF and Co say, HOWEVER, what they can say is that from a management standpoint "they have done everything they have control over in terms of EXECUTION and hitting milestones. And in managements opinion over the last 6 months AMRN has executed better then expected (good script growth, Tier 2, sNDA Anchor accepted, Positive Combo data & addition Patents) however "IN THEIR OPINION" WS has not valued these milestones into the stock price!!

      By letting shareholders know that they can't control the stock but they feel the stock should be b=valued higher then it is based on the many mlestones hit over the last 5-6 months, they are at least letting investors know "they are not missing anything"... Everything else will really fall into place...

      At the current price the market isn't even valuing AMRN with an FDA approved drug in Marine. AMRN's base line value with everything they have now from Vascepa to patents etc is worth min $10-$12 worst case.
      If you speak w management address those points.

    • kkllfla Jun 28, 2013 8:18 AM Flag

      How about this big deal about cholesterol & triglycerides and their LACK of influence on cardiac events ? Where the hell did that come from ?
      I don't believe in coincidences, and my 'Spider Sense' says that BP is behind this effort. All of a sudden 'supposed' promiinent Cardiologist have quoted studies that show no relationship between these historically important data points. Someone needs to step up and reinforce the significance of the past findings. Many of the studies cited are weak in their construct and lacking significant indicators for what they find as conclusions. What a JOKE !!!

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    • Well the drug is sound and I hope it helps you out.
      I am in the same boat in regards to being down ~50% of my investment...but the only thing that is more frustrating than being down is the lack of communication from MGT. They have not done anything in order to stop this bleeding. This whole blackout period is like their safe safe haven.

      All your questions are great, especially #3. Good luck and please do post your answers after the conversation with Bruno.

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    • He phoned me back last night. We talked about:
      1) share price decline and manipulation and how the company's "non-responsiveness plays into the hands of others.
      2) Communication in terms of how the company could be more informative and how major announcements need to be reframed so that there is not so much "clutter" that can be misconstrued (things like "we're not going to be commenting on every little thing or the Adcom announcement, where he could have immediately said this is expected and cut short things like "they won't approve it until REDUCE0IT is in) and announcements like about two years ago when Joe said that we're not going to entertain a buy-out for ~ six months. This telegraphed to shorts that they had license to roam free for the period. I suggested that some sort of CEO blog on the "questions of the week/month" might be doable as a way to stay open and be able to say the kind of things necessary. This was poo pooed.
      3) The relentless bashing of the likes of Kolemup and the accuracy, which strongly suggests some sort of organized attack. "Yahoo message board - a joke" was his response.

      What disturbed me somewhat was his comment that the wide price swings promoted fluidity and that "maybe the current share price was a good thing as it separated the people who believed in the company from those who wanted to make a quick buck".

      I think you will get "stock answers" unless you have very specific questions.

      If I were to go to bat again, I'd be inclined to ask something specific around NCE and potential irregularities: a) what of the timing discussed in an earlier post that I started - what do they know and how has the citizen's petition affected the process. You might not get an answer but the silence might also be telling.

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      • Tx for this thread/discussion.
        And tx for calling them.

        "What disturbed me somewhat....."
        Hey... what else could he say? Anyway, a little "invented".

        Most can say that these ph.calls worth nothing..... I'm not agree.... I think after some, they'll ask really themselves "hey, won't be better reply and take some actions against those bashers? A reiterated daily bashing campaign could damage also a potential market too". I'm talking of "image" damage. Not 3-4 louzy on a YMB...... but 10 on YMB.... plus overhiped writers on blogsites.... plus so called experts bashing day and night on various SA & Thestreet.

    • u r just wasting your time. Bruno will tell u jack #$%$ from jack fruit

    • blackholesblackscholes blackholesblackscholes Jun 27, 2013 10:23 PM Flag

      As somebody who was in touch with him over the past couple weeks, I'll say that a lot of your questions will be met with stock answers. He has a schtick that he goes over with regard to where the company is. He focuses on their execution and cares little about the share price (or that we're suffering). I would suggest that you be prepared to cement the fact that their execution has done nothing for the share price, and that you find that to be unacceptable. I'd ask that you also delve deep into the "blackout" or "quiet period" talk. I would tell him that the company has been in blackouts before which have caused considerable shareholder harm, and inevitably yielded no fruit re: acquisition/partnership. Why not PR a blackout/quiet period (maybe it scares shorts)? How is this time any different than the last quiet period? And how is it beneficial to go dark when the company has been attacked mercilessly over the past year with zero combative response? How will shareholders benefit from that In any case, I'll be in touch with him at some point in the coming weeks, providing nothing happens before then (which I assume nothing will change). If you ask any of these questions (specifically about the blackout PR) please let me know. In either case, good luck trying to get new answers.

    • Anything we really need to know they can't answer. How many companies are in partnership discussions, will partnership deal only happen after Adcom, after December other words when will Anchor launch strategy be finalized. If they are dependent on BP making decision on partner what's the cutoff where they go another direction...will they launch drug in Anchor with full strategy in place day 1 after approval or will it be months after....

      What do they expect tier 2 penetration to be by Anchor launch...on par with Lovaza tier 2?

      It's all about Anchor so any answers they can give on Anchor is all that matters but my guess is they don't know or can't discuss.

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