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  • asp924 asp924 Jul 8, 2013 4:49 PM Flag

    AMRN 21.7M Secondary just announced

    150M outstanding and AMRN doing a 21.7M secondary

    Maybe bottom is in now since they don't have to worry about running out of cash now!

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    • No wonder insiders weren't buying shares all the way down. Quiet period? Nah, more like, "I'm not touching any part of this POS until after dilution". Anybody wonder why the market has no confidence in this stock? Outside of this small group of message board fanatics, this thing is untrustworthy and exceedingly risky to say the least. How could a large fund invest money into this toxic asset when the management group says one thing, and acts in absolute contrast? They made it seem as if they had no plans to "go alone" (i.e dilute to raise funds) for ANCHOR, and then they diluted anyways? This management group is a colossal failure. Why on Earth did you tie your company to a $150 million dollar loan and then look to raise another $100M through financing? The stock was double where it was when they announced the loan! Unreal. I will be in touch with IR tomorrow. I will be letting hurtful words fly with absolutely no regard.

    • Time to fine a new management, find a buyer who could sell Vascepa. Everyday this stock keeps on sliding downg
      and being bashed by everyone. A year ago, this thing was a very promising drug, now it is a stinker.

    • Well, at least that's true. I thought they might try a partnership. Oh well, now they can begin their advertising campaign. The PPS is not going to like this.

    • The next death blow will be the GIA anchor announcement. And they still don't have anywhere near enough cash. They really needed to dilute about 50m shares, not 22m.

      This stock is an absolute NIGHTMARE. Don't be surprised if lawsuits start soon as well. If any company is ripe for being sued, it's this one.

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      • pk....I would have to agree. This is not only a nightmare but one brutal stock being controlled by a mgmt that is out for itself first. This thing will tank tomorrow big time. After hours shows it down 10% already. This will set a new 2 year low, again. We will be lucky if this stays in the 5's. Un-F'en believeable.......

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