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  • golongin2008 golongin2008 Jul 9, 2013 11:25 AM Flag

    Jackals Turning on Jackals! LOL!

    Too funny now watching the pumping longs turn on each other and wanting to "sue" each other for being "mislead". While the Dali Lama of the pumpers, the purported Dr. Livermore, stands by silently on IHub as Rome crumbles around him? And his chief lieutenant, "Iloved," now admits that he is "stumped". Heck...That guy would be "stumped" taking out the garbage on the right day...LOL!

    Like watching a Loral and Hardy or Three Stooges movie only better cause it's real life.
    You know how the movie ends (badly unfortunately for the pumpers), but getting there is pure comedy.
    GLTALs and keep up the good work here!

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    • You seem pretty happy considering you said yesterday you bought back in at $6.50. Anyway, you still never answered the question posed to you on how that SIGA investment was going for you. LOL

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      • #$%$...Answered your questions via a post earlier in the day.

        AK....What difference does it make really to any long on this Board if the $5.36 low holds or not?
        The stock and the company are basically DOA. You figured that out awhile back, albeit probably a
        tad late, and I doubt that you personally have much skin left in this game. IMHO the best hope for
        current longs is a last ditch buyout in the $5-$6 range in a year or so from now.

        If the company gets Anchor, and they have to GIA with that indication, cannot someone figure out
        that the party is basically over?

        I've particpated in alot of other boards and this one is frankly one of the most profane and spiteful
        that I have ever seen. Do I like to see good people lose money? No. I've been there before, and it
        hurts financially, as well as ego wise. Takes a long time to recover. But when someone posts a factual
        dissent to a long's thesis, and is met with distain and profanity, the persons throwing the stones deserve
        what they get.

        I wish you the best as you're obviously not within the group that I was speaking of. Like coffee grinds
        after the brew is made, the only thing left are the dregs. That unfortunately applies to much of this board
        today. I am out of the stock. This is my last post here..

    • golong you're not too bright are you?

    • Golong ---I really don't see any value in trading insults with others on the board
      Lets see if the recent low holds and the correlation between your most negative posts and trade able short term lows ..... also holds

    • They say a lot can be learned from how someone writes (and spells). While you revel in the misery of others, I can only look at how you can't even spell Stan Laurel's name properly, which would lead me to believe that you are very poorly read.....

    • as the question begs yet again WHAT ARE YOU STILL DOING HERE A HOLE???

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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