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  • masterofmydomain2525 masterofmydomain2525 Jul 13, 2013 8:21 PM Flag

    Useless Fake Facebook Page + rant

    I've tried a few times to post to the biggest site (81 likes) - seriously, can you imagine if they allowed posts? It would be worse that a bathroom stall wall! The anger and frustration that cannot be vented would curl your toes! Just think of the staggering losses both real AND on paper! Don't even mention the calls that were lost as this monster defied all logic on it's way down. I'm way down 60% minimum. Around 30k loss on paper. Not only am I down long I tried to get in and out a few times and got burned that way too! Now I'm sitting on it like a boil on the inside of my thigh. Just plain uncomfortable- don't know if its gettin better or worse... Can't ignore it and can't pop it. I pity anyone that had plans for this money this year. I hope for the best, of course but my gut tells me this money, dead as it is, is probably gone too. Either way, I'm not about to sell out here. I usually wait for the delisting to sink in first. Hope we don't see that here... GLTA.

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    • also, im willing to make u an admin if u wouldd like to post. i'll try to make it more accessible sorry

    • First of all, it's not a 'fake' facebook page. I'm one of the admins. The page states in one of the sections that it's not affiliated with Amarin or any of its associates. The purpose is for us retail investors to help market and get the word out. It's supposed to be for Vascepa - the drug, not Amarin - the company. You can use stocktwits, ymb, and ihub for talking about the stock. I tried to allow posts. It should work now. Give me constructive criticism in how to make it better. I'm putting the time in so please don't call it useless. Don't appreciate that.

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