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  • frenzychess frenzychess Jul 19, 2013 6:03 AM Flag

    He Doth Protest Too Much Methinks

    Adam Feuerstein made quite a commotion yesterday about comments from an ST poster stating a source had mentioned AMRN reps could use JELIS data beginning in August. AF called the posting bullchips, (something worse actually), and was reported as going to the administrator to block said poster. The news, (if true and I have no reason to doubt or believe it), would be an absolute home run for AMRN. To be able to introduce JELIS in sales indicates preliminary Reduce-It data is positive, which means ANCHOR is all but a shoe in and even a candidate for early approval. Adam has systematically reported on AMRN at key junctures in the companies history where the PPS was threatening to go up. The biggest recent examples were the day of the OMTH buyout which saw AF tweeting that an insider had said ANCHOR was dependent on Reduce-It results. Viola, an article came out at 9:26 AM with the stock up 40 cents in pre-market in sympathy with a buyout in the sector when a report somehow made it's way to theFlyOnTheWall verifying what AF had been tweeting at 9:26 AM, completely reversing the share price, plummeting it to a 52 week low. Before that AF reported at 12:15 AM just prior to AMRN's quarterly earnings about an Italian fish oil study, stating the study made it impossible for anyone to partner or buyout the company. The result was a 4% loss that day, muting what was considered a highly positive quarter and outlook. That study had the wrong dosage, the wrong product and the wrong patient population, but AF used the study to hammer doubt with his bully pulpit into investors, taking out investor stops and weakening the future share price. Now, today, when scripts will shine and possibly Reduce-It results are showing positive signs, he is up in arms. I expect some type of bogus tweet or article today from this menace. I just wish he'd go away, his propaganda isn't reporting, it's malfeasance.

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    • I guarantee you that at least one of the thumbs downs to your post was AF's. ;)

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    • Methinks you are a total blubbering idiot.
      First, you are a blubbering idiot.
      Second, you think you are fooling people with you multiple Yahoo accounts and your fake, worthless, idiotic conversations between your fake Yahoo accounts.
      Methinks you need to get some help. Serious professional help, methinks.

    • I agree, how he can freely slander a company without facing any consequences is startling! This kind of publishing should have been stopped many months ago. However the individuals that are the "watchdogs" close their eyes to it. I wonder why? Hmmmmm...
      We will prevail!

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      • 1 Reply to nj46nick
      • Exactly Nick. I forgot to mention above that the Summer Street article misquoted the insider and was from a meeting weeks before and it was released at a time it could exact the maximum damage. AF himself reported the insider was annoyed at the misquote, but then turned around and used the information for another negative article after highly positive information on ANCHOR was released by the company. His actions yesterday make me think he's trying to protect somebody or some entities. If a whiff of Reduce-It positivity comes out, this stock will skyrocket. I think AF's curiously timed articles and tweets have gone beyond being cute, (it has never been for me, but others defend him). As investors we shouldn't have to worry positive data and information will be crushed by someone who has "The Street" cred behind them, like combo data which AF downplayed 2 days before release as being something BP would have no interest in, I believe the combo news released on June 21st was one of the biggest binary events in AMRN's history, but the doubt had already been set in motion by this guy. I'm sick of it.

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