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  • razor28461 razor28461 Jul 24, 2013 3:20 PM Flag

    Three Month Results

    Had my first lab work done since starting Vacespa back on May 16th. There were no changes in my cholesterol levels. I forgot to ask about Triglyceride. I sure if they hadn't been good my doctor would have told me. Disappointed but I will keep taking my fish oil until my doctor tells me to stop. My main concern this visit was how my PSA was doing. In January my PSA was 6.4. Last Jan. (2012) they were 1.6. I have had two tested performed since Jan and the first one showed my PSA was 3.6 and the results Monday showed my PSA at 2.4. Very happy to see my PSA back down.

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    • im sry razor but i really dont understand...vascepas main action iss on trig so why wouldn't he look at trigs levels?

    • If you started on May 16th, it's not really 3 months, isn't it?!

    • Razor,

      Sorry to see you bashed by some of the posters replying to this thread.

      Regarding PSA: my doctor is telling me it is overrated as a marker. Its main weakness is the high incidence of false positives.

      Wishing you good health (and I agree with the posters who are pointing out that you need to get all your numbers and never to "trust your doctor would call").

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      • Thanks. I would like to know if Vacespa is working for others and I was willing to post my LDL and HDL numbers for people to see them. I was hoping that others would do the same so we could see for ourselves if the drug works. Vacespa claims to raise HDL and lower LDL. For me, during the first 3 months it did neither. That doesn't mean it doesn't work for others but SO FAR, it has not helped me. Had my numbers been better, I was going to load up on ARMN stock. I currently own 1,000 shares but I don't know if I can continue to hold this stock much longer if script number don't improve. I will not post my numbers in the future.

    • Razor
      I'll take you at your word your PSA test that for prostate cancer ? yes that might be more important right now then your TG's.

      So assuming your PSA test is now better need to know your TG number so you can rate it next to your HDL and LDL # .
      A high LDL with a high TG combination is a known risk
      A low HDL with a high TG combination is also a known risk .

      Since your doctor , wisely , wants your LDL below 100 use Vascepa NOT Lovaza
      The only thing that is likely to raise your HDL ( and have proven clinical benefit ) is cardio exercise at least 4 times a week ----walk or run until you sweat ...up to an hr also avoid cholesterol rich foods , add salmon instead of steak etc
      Good luck

    • you're clearly not a smart cookie! Why would you take Vascepa and at a 3 month visit "forget" to ask about your triglyceride levels!

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      • My major concern was my PSA level so the triglyceride level wasn't that important to me at the time. I have never had very high triglycerides level so again wasn't a big deal to me. My HDL was 26 (my family has a history of low HDL) and I have always ranged in the 25-28 range. My LDL was 140 which was pretty much what it was the previous three months ago. I have Ischemic heart disease (one stent) and PAD in both legs (stents in both legs) and my doctor wants my LDL to be below 100. I can't take statins (I have tried everyone on the market. I had been taking Lovaza for 6 or 7 years and I switched to Vacespa on May 16th in hope of improving y HDL. So all I found out by switching from Lovaza to Vacespa is that nothing changed. I promised that I would post once I got my results from my first labs after taking Vacespa and I have. I am losing money on Vacespa and I may very well take a loss unless we start seeing increases in prescription numbers and I would like to see how other people are doing on Vacespa.

    • I think you need to call and ask for a copy of the Blood Work for yourself. It's yours. I have all mine. I PDF them so I can read it on a big screen. Find out about your trigs maybe? Maybe they were never high. You don't say. You also don't mention if your cholesterol levers were bad. I'm not going to say this is a plant, maybe you're just not savvy. If that's the case, you need to work on your awareness. Get some detail, for your own good at least...

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