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  • dendreonpro dendreonpro Aug 28, 2013 9:48 AM Flag

    Questions For Jesse Livermore

    I have a few questions for you. I started taking V in Feb. 2013 and initially starting 2gm per day after follow up with my PCP, I had bloodwork in June (posted earlier). My trigs dropped from 164 to 125, LDL went from 70 to 52, cholesterol went from 133 to 116 and my CRP was 0.03, VLDL went from 37 to 24 and apolipoprotein level was 72 (previously untested). Starting June 2013, I increased my dosage from 2gm to 4gm per day. I haven't had follow up blood work to date but noticed other changes since increasing Vascepa dosage:

    - Haven't had a gout flare and stopped taking Uloric
    - Occasional joint pain - especially in evening has gone away - could be related to gout?
    - Blood pressure down roughly 10 pts. (e.g., went from 128/85 to 115-117/75)
    - Haven't had fungal issues - especially around chin and nose requiring Ketoconazole
    - This is a strange one. Had several small moles removed a few years ago resulting in "reddish skin color". In the last few months they have totally disappeared.

    Are these subtle changes related to V?

    Not trying to pump - just looking for response.

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    • I have been on Vascepa. I have lowered Lipitor to 20mg. from 40mg. to see how my Type2 diabetes is.So far good. My TG,LDL all dropped,HDL went up from 48 to 52 and CRP dropped to 0.7.
      My question is this: Given C-RP drop and HDL increase beside TG,LDL etc.-shouldn't Reduce-IT patients see good results by now?

    • I do agree with croesus re. anecdotal reports...for example this is the first report I've heard of someone seeing his gout improve.on one is going to say this proves V cure gout.., but in medical malpractice proximity is considered significant, and it is certainly possible all these effects could be the result of 4 gms of EPA/day..

      What we are seeing on this board and Ihub is a number of posters reporting improvement in mood and outlook, improvement in dry eye syndrome, of tinnitus (ringing in the ears), as well as reports of improvement in fibro myalgia...and one report on a dramatic improvement in scleroderma, a disease for which steroids are sometimes given, but really there is no effective trearment...These effect are in addition to improvement in their lipid profiles..

      Take dry eye syndrome which over ten posters report improvement great enough to not need eye drops...For those of you that do not have dry eye syndrome , do not let the name fool you. The problem is the eyes sting and they hurt and you need to continually use eyedrops that seldom last even one half hour. There are very expensive eyedrops (much more expensive than V) ie Restasis that consensus says really do not work very well regardless of the cost...Ten posters gaining relief, including myself, in a condition that has had no good remedy is not anecdotal...Dry eye syndrome effects an estimated 25 million Americans. Some of these are T2 Diabetics, and believe me relief from dry eye syndrome will make you stay on Vascepa...and when I skip a dose I can feel it in my right eye...

      ": ) JL

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      • 2 Replies to jesse.livermore
      • Thanks for your feedback. Your posts and insight are BIC on this board. I don't recall your background but are very well versed in CVD/dyslipidemia. I continue to be puzzled by my some of my lipid numbers. Most of my lipid biomarkers are in normal limits (TC, VLDL, LDL etc.). However one of my key inflammatory markers - LP-PLA2 is elevated. While there no official guidelines to date, it appears levels 30 mg/dl suggest risk for cardio vascular events. To borrow an analogy from regression & correlation 101, if CV outcomes were a dependent variable (suggesting binary 0,1 outcomes) and lipid data were independent variables, then my LP-PLA2 level would be an outliar (for statistical comparisons).

      • I take a 500 mg fish oil, the same mentioned by an earlier poster here. I hope to be able to use the V product when and if the Anchor approval comes. My eyes burn I believe due to inflamation issues if i get lazy about my diet intake for more than a few days. My wife and I follow what is termed an inflammation free diet. Lots of raw veggies, herbs and little dairy, breads and certain meats etc. generally speaking. Not a vegetarian diet but lots of em. Certain fish products are considered very beneficial as part of this diet. I believe the very high EPA in V will no doubt be a major component in future diet plans to come when combatting poor dietary issues.

    • The only condition I can comment on is the joint pain. I can't get a prescription for V because my numbers are all good so instead I take 1 500mg pill of Arctic Pure fish oil a day. My knees have hurt to some extent every day for the last few years. Not a horible pain but bothersome. Within 2 weeks of starting the fish oil regiment, the pain has subsided to the point that most days it is not noticeable.

    • I'm making an exception and posting here , I'm not JL but I can tell you this - I'm on 4grams V

      My elbow , wrist joint pain has gone away
      Feet fungal issues improved
      My skin appearance has improved
      my eyes are no longer Dry - stopped using eye drops
      getting lipids checked this week

      its a great drug - peroid end of story

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I don't think JL would be able to definitively say yes or no to your question. If he did say yes he would not be a wise physician. Your story while anecdotally suggestive of ancillary positive benefits while taking Vascepa, is simply that for now. It is a good anecdote though and I hope you continue to have success with Vascepa. The inference about the reddish skin color going away implies that Vascepa might be working as an inhibitor of inflammation but once again it can't be substantiated by one person's experience. Let's get a few hundred people involved in a prospective study and then we might get a more complete answer. Glad to see you post your positive experience though.

    • If that is all true, it looks like Vascepa is quite the miracle drug! Now if we can get it to replace the other "V" drug, we will most certainly have a blockbuster!

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