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  • apparentandobvious apparentandobvious Aug 31, 2013 2:08 PM Flag

    Vascepa = Frankenfish Oil (synthetic ethyl esters are not natural)

    Ethyl esters have only been in the human food chain approximately 20 years.

    Triglyceride fatty acids have been eaten safely, and for great benefit, for an estimated 600 million years.

    The synthetic ethyl ester version (Vascepa) uses ethanol in the distillation and concentration process during transesterification.

    When fish oils are digested they are converted into free fatty acids. After absorption through the epithelial cells, free fatty acids are immediately converted into triglycerides. If the glycerol backbone is missing (as they are with Ethyl Esters), and no other glycerol backbones are available, the oil cannot be converted back to triglyceride form. Fatty acids not converted to triglycerides pose an oxidation burden in the form of free radical formation.

    The reason big pharma didn't snap up Amarin last year (or at anytime since) is because ethyl ester EPA is an inferior form of EPA and ethyl esters are unnatural.

    Those who take their health seriously take Triglyceride form EPA (not ethyl ester form).

    Big pharma would rather obtain a company offering a natural Triglyceride form of EPA.
    Fish oil supplements in the natural Triglyceride form offer numerous advantages when compared to those in the ethyl ester form.

    Some reasons are -
    - Oils in Triglyceride form are completely safe to consume
    - Are naturally occurring
    - Provide increased absorption
    - Are much more stable

    It is essential to consume only the highest quality, purest omega three fish oil for optimal health. Be sure your natural triglyceride free form fatty acid fish oil is coming from a state of the art production facility that is GMP certified and NSF certified.

    Finally, place the fish oil in a polystyrene cup. Observe the cup after 10 minutes. If the fish oil has leaked significantly through the cup, it contains Ethyl Esters. Due to their chemical composition, Ethyl Esters will actually eat straight through the polystyrene cup. Natural TG fish oils placed in the same cup will not show leakage.

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