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  • williams4076 williams4076 Sep 11, 2013 2:02 PM Flag

    Why OTC fish oil doesn't work:

    Funny JL, I was just going to post something similar.

    I'm certain FOOL's didn't go into the science for a few reasons.
    1) Well they are fool's
    2) WS would like to make Amarin "controversial", but it's pretty straight forward science. Fish oil doesn't work because high enough blood levels of EPA are not achieved. You don't even need to know about eciosanoids or Resolvins.....
    3)They still need to buy shares

    Bottom line: Fish oils fail to prove beneficial because blood EPA levels are less than 10 mcg/ml after 1000 mg of OTC supplements. With 4 Grams of Vascepa blood levels are about 350 mcg/ml of EPA, 35 times higher than OTC supplements.

    If you take 1/35 of any dose of prescription drug, the therapeutic effect will be negated because of inferior levels of drug.


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    • nbono3 Sep 11, 2013 5:54 PM Flag

      The reason OTC fish oils do not work is because by the time these oils are packaged up and shipped wherever they go the oils oxidize while they are still on the shelves. Fact is you are getting probably only getting about a usable 10% when you by from the store. If you by Krill oil it will be nearly 100% usable it contains a natural anti oxident that the other oils don't.

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      • Krill Oil is very volatile stuff is exactly correct and if you do a little research on people that use krill oil as a dietary supplement you will find his some unusual side effects unlike fish oil. I personally have used and no longer do neptune krill oil as I was thinking about investing in the company kind of a try before you buy DD. Well I dealt with the side effect of loss of libido the entire time I was taking the supplement and have found out that happens to quite a few males that take it.

        I agree with JL something does not add up with krill oil.

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      • nbono...

        krill oil is actually more prone to oxidation than fish oil..It is a real problem even in harvesting...Krill oil is more expensive than fish oil and has essentially no greater benefit...the early reported study of the effects of krill oil on lipids (published in the J.of alternative Med) is a scam..the numbers do not jive with the Friedewald Equ. which means they are phony..

        ": ) JL

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    • Great post! Yes, by all means let's leave science out of this says the fool. For whatever reason your points about fish oil and pure EPA are completely overlooked by any major media outlet. It's as if fish oil is fish oil is fish oil and whatever the OTC stuff does is what Vascepa does. I was horrified by the Italian study and its prominence even today in media thought and that awful prostate cancer story. As I watched Mario Bartiromo interview that guy saying men over 50 should never take fish oil and even stop eating fish I almost thought about throwing my TV in the waste bin, but then I realized my TV wasn't the problem. The utter ignorance displayed nearly everywhere regarding the chemistry miracles Vascepa performs is the only reason you can buy at this price. Soon this will all change and all the "brains" will start noticing that something is very different about V and they'll "educate" the public. But boy are they idiots right now.

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