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  • vukken99 vukken99 Sep 24, 2013 2:01 AM Flag

    The Biggest Buyout in Pharma History...impending..!

    I was sitting behind bunch of corporate executives...all gray haired...talking pretty much nonsense about money, gulf and other really studid things. Doctors like me don't give a squat about power or position because we are the ultimate engineers of Human Body System... What worries me is the aging process...the genetics we can't change but the disease process factor can be changed now toward the better....I started to take omega 3 like 10 years ago when cardiologist would laugh about vitamins...Even vitamins went into massive revolutions...
    Vascepa or the pure EPA with extensive scientific data is actually the best thing a human being in aging process can modify the vascular factors....I used to take the combination epa with dha (not lovaza) since Lovaza is pretty much a very inferior type of omega 3 if you know about fish oils....the therapeutic dosing is too paid so it was good for patients.... NOw this Vascepa is actually the best omega 3 you can really a way everyone should be taking clean up the arteries....beyond stocks or others stupid things.
    It was sad to see all these corporate guys with gray hair in the place running for that first class seat...but the knowledge about your health is the diamond..and Vascepa will prove its value....
    Dont be surprised if some extraordinary buyout offer occurs for Amarin.....

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    • Yeah - all true - but it will be those corporate guy types who coordinate the buyout offer and the significant investing gains we AMRN investors will hopefully realize. No doubt the science is the key basis, but without the corporate guys money and deal making, investors in the science don't reap the benefits. With Vascepa, the science is being well established and let's hope the corporate guys come through with the money. Show me the money!

    • vukken...

      Pretty much the way I see it..

      ": ) JL

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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