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  • mpr120001 mpr120001 Oct 2, 2013 8:14 AM Flag

    Perfect example of no leader ins the government


    Obama should of stepped up to the plate and held meetings from midnight and still ongoing until a compromise was reached. What a poor leader he is.

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    • tea party sucks.

    • What do you expect from inexperienced community organizer that hates America. Look at his 1st cabinet...nobody had ever ran a company or signed the front of a payroll check!

    • Obama's background is a community organizer. That's a union type rallying job, not a leadership job. All Obama has been doing since he took office is campaigning. Even in a crisis time like this, he is on TV attacking others and insisted that he'll not negotiate. That's not leadership at all.

    • If you haven't read his 2 books about himself, you really should. They explain his worldview and why he is who he is. There is a lot to like about Obama on a personal level. But his politics are shaped by Africa and his Father from Africa - Obama is not from slave blood but is instead from first generation African blood (his Dad) and white American Kansas blood (his Mom). He believes the prosperity of the US is unjust when most of the rest of the world is starving and living in shacks, although he had no problem being sent to very nice schools paid for by his white grandparents and then accepting affirmative action money since he is half black. Anyway, I don't agree with his politics at all but I do like him on a personal level.

    • And by Comparison Bohner is 100 times worse... so what's your point? .... the ONLY problem with Obama is he was wishy washy in his first term and it made Republicans believe he would always cave under pressure so they played him (and they were right)... Obama finally got some balls and is standing his ground which they finally figured out... no more Mr. Nice Guy (or Wimp Guy).... He was horrible in his first term not because of his Policies, but because you knew that he would cave under pressure and NOTHING he said you could hang your hat on (the Health Care Public Option for example that he said was a requirement for his plan and he wouldn't budge on this... yeah right). Nope... disagree with you. The Republican far right could dozen Congressmen and a weak Bohner are the problem.. MOST of Congress (Republican and Democrat) are Centrists and are pretty much able to work with Obama - Obama isn't budging because he doesn't need to and shouldn't. Now it's time for the far Right wack jobs to cave and they will soon.... and hopefully rule will be from the Center... (and yeah that means Obamacare will be modified.. for sure).

    • What a POS comunist, antiAmerican He is, not only that, shame of all american, or so call Americans , who voted for him. That show who bad things are, when people vote for hand out, mediocrity, and government dependence. The bright days of American are past now, the future is Hussein Obamas. I am waiting for my Amarin day, then I will see where I put my money, that way leaches can not get it from me.

    • The REPs have lost all their credibility, they obviously don´t care about the country. They are ignorant and selfish.

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      • NO - it's the far Right Reps .. MOST Republicans in the House and Senate are sick and tired of the narrow minded fanatical far Right who will stand behind ideology before they will budge an inch regardless of how it slams the Economy.. ..... they wouldn't believe things are improving even if it hits them in the face... if they say things are bad because they think they should be then that's the facts (to them)...Night is Day because that's what they believe..... Same fanatical mentality exists in most Countries .. India has it for example with the far right extremist Hindu parties.. it's the same in Iran ... Israel .... it sucks... key to disaster is extremism in Government...

    • If memory serves, Obama ran for re-election on a platform of health care reform (Obamacare). He was solidly elected which shows us the majority of Americans agree with him. Now, a small bunch of extremists with anarchist tendencies have hi-jacked the GOP and are willing to do anything rather than accept defeat and you think the President should negotiate with these nutcases!

      Are you crazy? You can't be that stupid!

    • Rediculous, ignorant post. What about the 18 requests from dems and denied by t-party dbags to work out budget issues? Any comment on that from the misinformed racist?

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    • As a registered Republican, I apologize for our party acting like children. No Obama fan, but pretty hard to lead those who refuse to follow....

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      • Your Post exactly expresses the sentiments of most Republicans. I am convinced of that. I heard a Republican Congressman from PA say basically the same thing on the Radio a couple days back. He was trying not to be too harsh on Bohner, but admitted that only a couple dozen far Right (Tea Party advocates/members mostly) in Congress who were causing the problems.. he said that moderate and main stream Republicans and moderate Democrats are willing to work together and thought they would line up soon and get things moving again... said Obamacare needs fixed and to be dealt with, but it is NOT something that should be used now to justify shutting down the Govt. and stopping them paying their bills.... If there are more Republicans like him running things I will definitely vote Republican next time ... I don't like the far left at all either... consider Obama a centrist (and he is ... as was Clinton)...

      • Yeah, um, please remind me again when that "leading" happened.... on anything....

        I remember lots of campaigning, bizarre narcissistic claims and outlandish promises, and a lot of race baiting and name calling. I can't remember any "leading".

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