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  • investrforever investrforever Oct 3, 2013 6:13 PM Flag

    jess livermore

    are you still invested here in AMRN? I was in AMRN about a year ago and am back.

    Any other "old timers" here still?

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    • I-forever...

      Present and accounted for..I mainly post on the AMRN Ihub board, but that could change...The Yahoo board had just too many disruptions...But now the Ihub board is becoming dysfunctional. There is a war going on between a couple of guys who post on AMRN..Hornett and Atlas..who also are b-ashing on some alternate fuel company Ihub site which is being "supported" by a gang. They are spamming the AMRN site not really because they know or care about AMRN, but in retaliation to Atlas and Hornett.

      Anyway still very committed to AMRN, will be the biggest drug in history..could take a couple of years..appears to be finishing a cup and handle formation technically a very positive chart pattern...Look for a break out if the PPS can break above $7.40...

      ": ) JL

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Cup and handle eh? how about panhandle for a few pennies?

      • hey jl dude - I post on JBII because 1) its still a somewhat free country with basci rights to have a point of view, and 2) I know stone cold its been a massive flop, a terrible investment, an outrageously hyped promoted name using operatives paid in secret share disbursements, a long history of shady failed deals and SEC punished scams.

        Yes I honestly enjoy saving prospective investors and DDers from making a big mistake.

        Interestingly I don't post on JBII anymore because Ihub Admin proved they are in thick, co-conspirators in the scam and they support it and the AMRN attack. Inhale on that awhile.

        I did some modest but effective work keeping the peace on AMRN board way back when it was under attack by the same group and facing a previous melt down before I could tell finding a positive side of JBII was harder than picking up a terd by the clean end.

        Just because I happen to be interested in AMRN, those clowns have taken to attacking AMRN (after the death threats to me backfired), and even a couple of the decent posters there cant seem to grasp that arguing with them is the scammer goal.

        So tell me this is my fault again pretty please. I more or less blame the uber passive and compliant wimps who think they can reason or counter the nonsense the jbii shills brought on board, instead of returning the favor. Convince me YOU would submit to that kind of preposterous pressure. Better yet, why dont you kowtow to them ?

        So if you want to blame me for the situation, a) put yourself in my shoes for a few laps and
        b) with all due respect; kiss my A$$Jesse.

      • Nice to see you back here Doc. Your comments are always appreciated and well received.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Is snugglepuss causing trouble on Ihub now as well. Pretty soon he will have nowhere left to post and lose his cherished moderator job! Almost feel sorry for the poor chap.....NOT!

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