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  • ganj1948 ganj1948 Nov 1, 2013 1:56 PM Flag

    Another study (from Israel) finds 30% higher risk for strokes in those with Triglyceride levels over 200/mg/dL

    This study followed over 11,000 people with a history of CHD, but no history of strokes. “Our main finding in this study is that elevated blood triglycerides increase a person’s risk of suffering an ischemic stroke,” Tanne says. “Those with high blood triglycerides (over 200 mg/dL) have a nearly 30 percent higher risk of suffering a stroke, after taking into account other risk factors for stroke such as high blood pressure, cigarette smoking or diabetes.”

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    • this study has no value as those panelists pointed out: We know the high blood triglycerides is somehow related to high risk of stroke, however we don't know the high blood triglycerides is the cause or just a symptom. the treatment of symptom may have nothing to do with the real cause, thus not effective at all.

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      • Newbie. And you actually believe this? Or does it conveniently fit with what you want to believe? What a joke. Some people need to be slammed in the face to finally accept the fact that black is in fact black and white is in fact white when for years they've been trying to convince everyone (including themselves) that this isn't the case. Too bad most people are too attached to their beliefs (Religion, Politics, Prejudices based on whatever, and especially 'anything' involving money) to think objectively. The reality is that even "if" what you are saying is correct the strong chance that lowering Triglyceride levels actually does reduce risk factors justifies reducing Triglycerides period... especially if it is easy to do and the safety risk (with Vascepa) is small.... It's a no brainer. I am sure if you had High Triglycerides yourself you would be singing a much different tune (fear does that to people -- they wake up very quickly and say "never mind I'd rather stay alive a bit longer after all... what was I thinking???" ... it's no longer an abstract mental masturbation thing).

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      • I still find it hard to believe that Docs would not find it beneficial (even without definitive evidence at this time) reduce TG levels to or below 200 mg/dl. I can't imagine a doc saying, "well, your TG levels is 280 mg/dl but I will not treat you with Vascepa because we really don't know if it is really beneficial for your to reduce your TG levels in order to potentially protect you from CV events.

      • I don't understand your response (or the FDA). Sure, we would like cures, but most, if not all drugs, treat the symptoms. For example, insulin removes sugar from blood to help diabetes. If they have type I diabetes, that is treating the symptom of too much sugar in the blood but not a cure. The cure would be for Type 1 is to have a successful transplant of islet cells.

      • Make some sense to me, as a scientist. I strongly advocate to run the R-IT marathon to the finish line, and strongly advocate to help the company financially (e.g. granting a conditional approval, by FDA), to help the company running to the finish line (just like the real runners in real marathon, they have to drink plenty of water on the way to the finish line. FDA wants the eggs but don't care about the chicken. United shareholders are forcing FDA to do something. Period.

    • Provide details: authors, name, dates etc. Also, just what is your point - with scalpel precision?

      This may be useful but any stuff like this has got to be with a "thesis rigor" and in near final form to pass on to anybody influential.

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