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  • trink_23 trink_23 Dec 21, 2013 12:10 AM Flag

    WAKE UP INVESTORS....There is much more that Vaspecia offers...

    IT just doesn't lower triglyceride levels, this drug does much more.

    1. Vaspeca increases protein synthesis, with proper protien diet, Vaspeca would increase protein synthesis by 30%, which increases muscle strength and mass.

    2. The drug also decreases protein breakdown in the body.

    3. Vaspeca increases production of white blood cells, increasing white blood cells enhances immune function, essentially lessening the risk of getting sick.

    4. Improves insulin sensitivity, allowing the body to handle blood sugar, especially in adults with higher body fat.

    5. Vaspeca allows nutrients to get to cells and muscle at a larger rate. meaning nutrients are getting to your cells and muscle tissue at an alarming rate.

    6. With it's added affects, it enhances your metabolism. Giving one the ability to lose fat and increase muscle.

    7. Reduces inflammation. At the levels Vaspeca is being delivered on a daily basis to users. It has the power to decrease inflammation at almost the same rate as you would take advil or any other de inflammation medication.

    8. Increases brain function. Not only is it documented that Vaspeca would increase brain function but it also was studied that mothers taking daily EPA compounds (Vaspeca) have shown that their child had shown to have an advanced brain function at a younger age, one study stating toddlers at the age of 2.5 years of age shown to have a significantly improved hand and eye coordination compared to toddlers of mothers who did not supplement with EPA compounds (Vaspeca).

    To put it simply, Vaspeca is a pure form of fish oil on steroids that takes it's most powerful omega 3 (EPA) and increases it's potency ten fold to create a drug that is healthy, safe, and has so many benefits than what's it's main drug purpose states. This drug should be taken for anyone looking to live a healthy functional lifestyle. This is a ground breaking drug and i'm excited to be on the ground floor of something really special.

    Goodluck all :)

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    • I feel like this drug is so much more than what we are really prescribing patients with it for. It is something everyone should take, it's a pure form of EPA fish oil. It would take approximately 20-40 pills of fish oil to get the recommended dose of Vaspeca. Fish oil pills also contain other omega's that don't give you the benefit pure EPA does.

      As an athlete I took fish oil for years and still do. Several of my fit friends who i played collegiate sports sweared by it, stating at high doses it increased recovery rate, decreased inflammation, along with increased muscle mass and decreased fat due to increase of metabolism. I myself have felt the affects of taking high doses of Arctic fish oil. I am still only getting about half the amount of EPA I would from a single dose of

      I got a stock tip about AMRN about 6 months ago and did my DD and really thought Vaspeca had so much more to offer and at some point could very well be prescribed to the masses for everyday health. That making me and everyone that owns stock filthy rich :)

    • Yes more at work here than just CV health. Not only would Vascepa cut statin use it has the potential to cut into many other drug sales. The powers that be know it. They also control what stories get published or not.
      Why hasn't the "main stream media" picked up on this historic FDA blunder? The same people control the media own the pharmaceutical industry. The only reason for the FDA to change course here is that they have been "outed" by use of free speech via the internet. The message has been sent that any decision will be fully scrutinized and so no more used car salesman tactics will be accepted.

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    • Even if Vascepa does all those things, it is all irrelevant because the only thing under consideration at the FDA is TG and cardio impact. All the rest is fluff at this point

    • So what this drug does, as amazing as it is, would allow people to continue with poor dietary choices and lifestyles because they have this magic pill? It is essentially the bandaid on an owie. All these things can be achieved thru juicing and dietary changes. Typical humans taking the path of least resistance so they can continue their instant gratification lifestyles.

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      • Don't know who gave you a thumbs up.... must have been one of your multiple IDs??? You're wrong of course about what Vascepa does in general. Of course you wouldn't know this because you've never tried it or have been taking it ever??? Am i correct? Vascepa a bandaid? You're kidding....?? Because of the types of foods processed and shoved up our noses 24/7, in your magnanimousness, yes dietary changes supplant any chemical adjuncts to a degree. Some folks naturally have High Cholesterol levels, which must be lowered. It's like saying to a diabetic, man lay-off the sweets and you'll do better. What a crock. Diseases are hereditary. Family history, susceptability are warning signs. Had it not been my requesting to be put on Vascepa would I ever have the courage to control my diet. Kind of a symbiotic process.

    • I aree with all said. I think that the company should focus on investigation of CRP (inflammation marker) reduction. There seems to be a growing body of medical evidence that the real culprit affecting CV events is in fact inflammation. I spoke to my Dr. about this and he agrees, but is reluctant to test for this as he said that there is as yet little the med community can do to control this marker. I hope that AMRN's patents somehow
      include this potential because in the end, it may turn out as a huge factor.

      There is a small West Coast company that markets an herbal product......named something like Anablock derived from tobacco leaf I believe.......that claims CRP benefit, and I have alerted AMRN to consider this as maybe of interest for a V combination, but just one of many possibilities.

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      • "...but is reluctant to test for this as he said that there is as yet little the med community can do to control this marker."
        That is simply not true. But I do agree that testing for hs-CRP has not yet become the standard of care in the clinical setting. Google this article and cite that to your doctor. "C-Reactive Protein: How Has JUPITER Impacted Clinical Practice?"

      • You are so right. In fact, Lovaza and Epanova both raise ldl and hs-crp. Epanova's approval date is May 5, yet no word yet on Adcom meeting or outcome study. Even though Epanova has completed three studies and just start another , they are only seeking Trig 500. First trial was to compare Lovaza directly with Epanova, then Evolve trial proving safety and efficacy in 500, then espirit trial showing results in the 200-500 group, and just last month a second Evolve trial started. My guess is that by asking for the over 500 indication, they avoid the costs of an outcome study and since the Espirit trial has completed, they will ask for that information on the labeling, similar to Lovaza. Maybe the FDA is trying every tactic it can to stretch Vascepa decision to May?

    • lol... You misspelled the product wrong two different times and ways.

    • This is very refreshing and really gives me something else to think about with seems like this is a drug that should be used by everyone not just a certain users.

    • Very good list, but I think you may be missing more. thanks for posting information that is factual and keeping us focused.

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      • doesn't mean anything until anchor is approved.

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      • Such as Vascepa also reduces Cholesterol a little bit without a Statin. My guess is that Vascepa is safer than the Statins out there. V could also be used to reduce C so it is a wonder why these so called experts want to increase Statin use by two fold and cut A in the process. What? Do these people really care about yours and mine health. One must ask oneself this important question. After your answer then one must ask oneself what are all the other drug use related decisions out there and are these decisions really for our benefit? Or are they for lining the coffers of these powerful Drug Pushers. What ever happened to the original Hippocratic Oath. I mean the Oath these Medical Practitioners swore to up hold before all the Baby Killing while still in the womb. I mean if these.........people or monsters, really cared about Human life why has our system gone in the direction it has gone. Some serious questions. If Amarin's new product Vascepa is this awsome do the Screwballs in the FDA really want it to be available to all the potential cash cows out there who are the prey for these social Cannibals who feed on our flesh in one way or another. They want Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes etc. to remain high by feeding in exorbitant fashion their charmed lives through our medical misery and Obama no care is the biggest tool to achieve their ends.

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