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  • zarathustra2u zarathustra2u Jan 31, 2008 2:03 PM Flag


    Everything the man touches turns to sh-t. You been Cramerized.

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    • I stopped listening to him about 2 weeks ago. He has the most dangerous personality. He is the most sincere insincere. Trust no one when it comes to investing not even yourself. That is why diversification and a strict sell discipline are absolutely essential.

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      • I think you guys are all wrong about Cramer. He is a very smart person and has made more in the market than all of us will make over our life times combined!

        You must follow his fundamentals about investing. He stresses over and over, not to just run out and buy his picks. He stresses over and over to wait. He stresses over and over you MUST do your DD before buying any stock. He stresses over and over to be diversified.

        Actually I've made a ton off his picks. He has some very good picks, you just have to take them for what they are, his picks! Then you must do YOUR work. Then you must set sell targets on both the upside and down.

        He does not have a crystal ball and cannot tell where any stock is going, nor can anyone else.

        Use him for what is offers, PICKS TO CONSIDER!

        Anyone who would run out and buy simply because someone else said to, including Cramer, simply gets what they deserve...put nothing into it and get nothing out of it...

      • You are absolutely 100% correct. Good luck!

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